Old Headmaster Yang Chun (Continuation 1)

Old headmaster Yang Chun (continue a) Yang Jinshan’s ordinary life, ordinary work, he is the old headmaster Yang Chunsheng of zhao Zhai village in Jize County (1920-1984).As early as the Anti-japanese era, he opened an Anti-japanese primary school in Yongguang Village, and has never left his passion for education for decades.Has been quietly working in the rural grassroots, in a number of schools.Due to his serious and responsible work, he was appointed as the principal of the former Dayanzhai Commune Center by his superiors.Ten years don’t specialized in leadership positions, approachable, hence student, he used to say, teaching is a conscience live, parents send a child to me here, is to let children learn more cultural knowledge, sorry I teach is bad parents, the children to get their wages, no reason not to teach the student to say the za is this work.Popular language, every touching, this is the old headmaster from the heart of the voice.In commune middle school, meng teacher speak the story, his class, a student suddenly abdominal pain and tell old headmaster, he entrusted meng teacher hospital sees a doctor, take students to commune hospitals but hundreds of meters away from the school, the diagnosis is acute enteritis improper feeding, and took two days to eat medicine, back to school after he let the student in his bed for a while, and give students cover the quilt,After more than an hour, the student’s stomachache disappeared, and he asked Meng to take the student home by bike.Although the matter is not big, but can see a center principal’s care for the students.He cares more for others than for himself.He suffered from a variety of diseases, hypertension, heart disease, once his blood pressure rose, trembling all over, in the help of colleagues to the commune health center to see a doctor, take medicine after lying down to rest, the doctor and asked later less tired, on the age less exercise snacks, let the young do more.After blood pressure falls, he gets off the bed and gets busy again, colleague persuasement, he says with a slight smile, old maladies are used to.Old principal Yang Chunsheng ordinary work, but do extraordinary things, work to do meticulous, thoughtful, concerned about the growth of students is his lifelong pursuit.February 14, 2022

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