Zhanglou Township, Dengzhou City: Carry out “six prevention and six promotion” to consolidate the foundation of peace

Comes at a time during the Spring Festival, all kinds of disputes are a higher risk, as the powerful safeguard social security and stability of entire town, dengzhou ZhangLou Township rapid deployment, the party committees and governments trying to identify the “gap” by hold household visits, mobilization and integrate strength, good contradiction resolving “combination”, to ensure that the entire town people to spend a quiet and peaceful Spring Festival.Zhang Lou township Party Committee government held the first time zhang Lou township contradictions and disputes “six prevention and promotion” special action deployment meeting, overall deployment of the special action, the development of the “six prevention and promotion” work plan, each village clear person for contradiction and dispute investigation report day.More than 30 propaganda banners were hung in prominent places such as market towns and villages, propaganda slogans were rolled on LED screens, village speakers and wechat groups were used to promote the “six prevention and six promotion” activities, and the masses were guided to solve conflicts and disputes in accordance with laws and regulations to create a strong publicity atmosphere.ZhangLou Township combined with epidemic prevention and control, to burn fireworks banned banned, such as work, takes a warning, mediators, grid member, with the help of “thousands of middle-level officials sinking villages,” around “six prevention to promote” to carry out all-round, trawl, establish parameter at the same time, while trying to resolve, do comprehensive and submitted in a timely manner, not problems, to ensure that the “six prevention to promote” real work to do fine.(Zhang Tong and Xu Jinbo)

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