Zou Shiming has put on weight after 11 years of marriage. His wife showed off her A4 waist with thick makeup at a party held at his friend’s mansion

On February 7, Beijing time, Ran Yingying, wife of Olympic champion Zou Shiming, updated her microblog: “The fifth day is not only a day to welcome the God of wealth, but also our 11th anniversary.After filming the program for a whole day, Franco still came to accompany us after midnight, which was particularly touched.Along the way, witness so much, grateful.She also posted a photo of herself with her husband Zou Shiming, sons Xuan Xuan, Hao Hao and Wang Zulan.In the group photo, Wang Zulan continued his funny temperament, standing on both sides of his Xuan Xuan and Hao Hao very happy, Hao Hao grew a lot taller, smiling from ear to ear in the face of the camera, Xuan Xuan is a lot of calm, he smiled to Wang Zulan, thumbs up to the camera.After retirement, Zou shiming and his eldest son Xuan Xuan have become much fatter, adding a touch of middle-aged uncle vicissitudes.It is worth mentioning that Zou’s wife Ran Yingying’s makeup and figure in the latest photo shoot have once again sparked heated discussion among netizens.She wears a tight dress and jeans. Her long dark blue hair is very layered. She wears round eyes and long lashes, and her thin V-shaped face looks like a Barbie doll.Her A4 waist in the camera is also eye-catching, not to mention that she has given birth to three children.However, Ran’s latest makeup and style did not go down well with netizens, many of whom wrote: “This is not the person I know,” “The understanding of beauty is a bit different from the public,” “It is suitable for temperament,” and “can makeup look natural like before?””Happy 11th anniversary. I hope you and your family are happy and will continue to love each other forever.” “I have witnessed the most beautiful love, and company is the longest confession of love.To celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary, zou and zou also invited many of their friends from inside and outside the circle to a barbecue dinner, including famous actors Wu Zun and Chen Haomin in addition to Wang Zulan.To entertain their friends, the couple also invited private chefs to their home, where they had barbecues, drinks and songs together. The fun atmosphere spilled over the screen.”Family dinner, outdoor barbecue, basketball, games and singing on the sixth day.The most amazing is the ‘pepper cocktail’ shared by all the men.Laugh until our brain oxygen, happy drop unforgettable.”This family banquet also let net friends experience the financial capacity of husband and wife two, besides invite private kitchen to come to besides, the interior scenery of their home also lets a person surprise, still set video room specially inside, invite a number of guests still very capacious, visible whole person of extraordinary residence has much costly atmosphere.

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