6 home-cooked dishes gently knock your taste buds awake, quietly open your appetite, spread the feeling of contentment and comfort

Food or eat home cooking, fancy dishes are not palatable.When it comes to raising people, home-cooked food is the most delicious and nourishing.Because home cooking has a taste of home, it is the most pyrotechnic dish, it is the most down-to-earth food, it is the most familiar ingredients in the basket, it is easy to make, it is often remembered dish.Fifth, I would like to recommend six home-cooked dishes for you today.Chop the pork, not too fine, chop the scallions and dried chilies into sections, dice the garlic and coriander into small sections.② Put the right amount of oil in the pot, stir fry the chopped pork until the color changes, add dry pepper and garlic stir fry the fragrance, put the right amount of light soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, sugar and pepper powder, stir fry until the flavor.③ Before out of the pot, add the shallots and stir fry well, sprinkle a little coriander section can be out of the pot and plate.① Cut off the roots of flammulina velutipes, break them into small pieces by hand and put them into clean water. Rinse and drain.A tomato, hit the cross flower knife, into the boiling water for a while, hot broken skin out, slightly cool, peel off the skin cut into diced tomatoes, pork lean cut into meat grains (slightly thicker grains, about the size of the fly head, also called fly head).Pickled pepper and wild pepper, cut into rings.Finely chop the ginger and garlic.(3) the pot refueling, up to fifty percent on hot pour bubble pepper and wild pepper, stir a few small fire, add ginger, garlic stir fragrance, add diced tomatoes scrambled out of the red oil, add right amount water, refined salt, pepper, wild pepper, pour into a little water, into the needle flat after the big fire to boil, cover the pot, turn to low heat and simmer for 5 minutes.④ When it is time to sprinkle the meat evenly on the flammulina mushroom, add chicken essence to taste, cover the pot and continue to stew, the meat can be cooked out of the pot, put the flammulina mushroom on the plate, evenly pour the broth, sprinkle with scallions and it is ready.① After washing the chicken feet, blanch them with boiling water until they become discolored, remove the water and cut off the chicken fingernails with scissors.Cut the shallot into sections, slice the ginger, ② add water to the pot, put (cinnamon, grass fruit, bay leaf, pepper, pepper, cardamom, aniseed) material bag, then add the shallot ginger and soy sauce, yellow rice wine, rock sugar, salt, white pepper to boil, put the chicken feet, boil the pot to simmer for about half an hour, when the soup is basically finished, can be out of the pot and plate.1. Remove the beard and arms of the shrimp with scissors. Remove the shrimp thread from the third shell of the shrimp and wash it.② Boil water in a wok, add prawns, ginger slices and wine to boil for 8 minutes, then remove water and put on a plate.(3) sauce: wash and mince the millet hot, peel and mince the garlic, wash and mince the coriander, put it in a container, put in refined salt, steam the fish soy sauce or umami sauce, balsamic vinegar, oil or onion oil stir evenly, and the juice is good!④ Serve the cooked shrimp with the sauce.Pickle chicken making method ① Wash the chicken and cut it into pieces.Use a knife to shape sauerkraut into edible shapes.② When the pot is hot, add oil to heat it up, add ginger and star anise to fry until fragrant, add chicken pieces and stir fry until discolored, add yellow rice wine, light soy sauce and dark soy sauce until colored and fragrant.(3) add dried pepper, rock sugar, hot water, cover the pot, turn the fire to boil low fire until cooked, then turn the fire to add sauerkrawn juice, soup meter after thick sprinkle into the pot and plate can be.1. Cut off the package cover of the box of tofu, put it upside down on the plate, and cut off a small piece of the bottom four corners with a knife.With a few taps of the hand, holding the box, gently lift it up, the tofu is completely unwrapped.② After peeling the century-old eggs, rinse them and divide them into small pieces with a string.(3) sauce: pickled mustard, light soy sauce, vinegar, chicken powder, sesame oil, red oil can be stir well (4) fat tofu cut thick slices (can not cut), put the cut preserved egg, drizzled with bowl juice, and then a few millet pepper circle embellished, sprinkled with small scallions, coriander can be eaten.Five nagging a few words of food is very tempting, would rather less a bite, greedy or not, drinking is not excessive, food safety should pay attention to, safe and healthy Spring Festival.Learn how to cook together, improve your cooking skills, and live a delicious life together.Thank you for your likes, comments and retweets.

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