Fantastic!Fuzhou Wusi North a car stuck on a stone pier

On the morning of March 23, Mr. Ma of Fuzhou left a message on the platform of 987 wechat news, saying that a car rode to the stone pier at the gate of baisha Bay Hotel on Wusi North Xiushan Road, and no one was on the car.”This car wants to go to heaven?!”987 reporters small Fu rushed to the scene to see, in the parking lot at the gate of the Baishawan hotel, an Aston Martin brand car left front wheel rode to an inverted stone pier, the front wheel suspended on the ground, the front position has obvious impact marks, license plates have been paper covered.A stone pier had been hit and rolled onto the road.A young man standing next to the car talking on his cell phone said he was surprised when he came to pick up his car this morning to find it riding on a stone pier, but was not sure why.When reporters tried to learn more, he became emotional and would not say more.”Should be parked after the car, hit the front of the stone pier.I sell this kind of car, fuzhou few such car!”987 Crazy Car host Xing Yuan identified the car as Aston Martin Vantage987. The reporter later found a security guard in the parking lot, who said that the car entered the parking lot at around 7 p.m. on March 22. After parking in the parking lot, the occupants of the car took a case of liquor from the trunk and went to a nearby hotel for dinner.The security guard said surveillance showed the incident happened at 2 am on The 23rd, but there was no video of the car riding on the stone pier, nor anyone getting off the car after the incident.Personally, he didn’t think it was a car steal.”Stone pier is very heavy, three to four hundred pounds, if the car hit up, stone pier will support the body, it is impossible to knock over the stone pier, the whole car pressure on the stone pier.”But when reporters asked to see the surveillance, security guards refused.At present, the parking lot property is taking a complete surveillance video to investigate the cause of the accident.987 will be following the progress as well.Reporter: Xiao Fu, Shou Ming, supervisor: chao Yi This article for Fujian 987 private car broadcast original manuscript without authorization, shall not be reproduced, excerpts

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