Chinese New Year three necessary, leek box, thin skin filling, aroma overflow

There is an old saying that the first day of the first two dumplings, the third day to eat the box to turn home, although the flavor of the New Year is weak, but the tradition can not be lost, the north often eat the box, meaning is also good Hehemeimei, and gas wealth, to earn home.Chinese leek egg filling is a classic filling. The crispy and delicious Chinese leek box is simple to make.Leek, egg, sesame oil, consumption oil, salt, chicken essence, oil.1. Add flour, half boiling water, half cold water, and stir.2. Wash leeks, air dry and chop.3. Pour less oil into a wok and fry the eggs until they crumble.4 put the leeks and eggs together, stir evenly, pour into the consumption oil, sesame oil, stir evenly, in the five-spice powder, chicken essence, salt stir evenly can start the package.Brush oil on a pancake pan, put the leek box into the pancake pan and fry it golden on both sides.

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