Fire products quality supervision and inspection in the region to carry out

Guangxi News network – Guangxi Daily Nanning news (reporter Liu Li) in the “3·15” international consumer rights day approaching, the region’s fire rescue teams jointly with the market supervision and administration bureau to carry out the fire product quality supervision and inspection action.At the inspection site, fire supervisors focus on the sales and use of fire extinguishers, fire hose, fire doors and other fire products for strict inspection, and check the relevant quality certification certificates, inspection reports, factory qualification certificates and shop business qualifications and other documents, from the sale source to do fire prevention and control work.My district continues to increase the investigation of counterfeit and shoddy fire products.According to statistics, since 2021, the fire and rescue department of the whole region has inspected the use of fire products 12,198 units, issued on-site inspection to determine the unqualified notice of 655;94 batches of fire protection products were randomly checked, and 17 batches were found to be unqualified, among which the unqualified rate of glass ball sprinkler head and fire blanket was 33.3%, the unqualified rate of fire interface was 30%, and the unqualified rate of fire protection hose was 27.3%.In addition, fire gloves, fire emergency lighting, portable dry powder fire extinguishers also exist a small number of batches of unqualified.

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