Understand six kinds of tea in 3 minutes, read tea together, and drink tea well

According to the degree of fermentation, tea can be divided into six categories: green tea, white tea, yellow tea, green tea, black tea and dark tea.Green tea does not ferment.White tea microfermentation, fermentation degree of 5-10%.Yellow tea is slightly fermented with a fermentation degree of 10-20%.Green tea is semi-fermented with a fermentation degree of 15-70%.Black tea is fully fermented, with a degree of fermentation of 80-90%.After dark tea fermentation, fermentation degree will change with time, mostly 100%.But strictly speaking, Pu ‘er tea is a separate tea series, which cannot be classified into six tea categories.Because Pu ‘er tea not only has raw tea and cooked tea, but also black tea and white tea.Green tea is the only tea that has not been fermented. It retains more natural substances, such as tea polyphenols and tea polysaccharides, and the tea soup after brewing is mainly the natural aroma of tea leaves.The taste is fresh, tender and refreshing, but compared with fermented tea, it has certain irritation to the stomach and stomach, and is not suitable for people with cold spleen and stomach.Use 80-90 degree mineral water when brewing.2. White tea The production process of white tea only has three steps, although the steps are few, but it is difficult to control. In addition, the types and output of white tea are less, which is the treasure tea in Chinese tea, and the price is more expensive.The color of white tea soup is clear yellow and green, and the taste is light and sweet, but because tea is cold and cold, people with cold stomach are advised to drink it after meals.Don’t drink it on an empty stomach.The first few bubbles of white tea should come out immediately and not be stuffy.The brewing time can be extended after brewing.3. Yellow tea Yellow tea is a light fermented tea, processing technology similar to green tea, but before or after the drying process, added a “dull yellow” process, this process makes part of the oxidation of polyphenols chlorophyll and other substances, and then form yellow.Yellow tea can be made in a tureen or a purple sand pot, and the soup can take longer than green or white tea.Green tea, also called oolong tea, is a kind of tea between black tea and green tea.For example, da Hong Pao, Cinnamon and Fenghuang Danzong in rock tea, and Tieguanyin also belongs to oolong tea. Many small white teas are mistaken for green tea, which is a very common cognitive error.Oolong tea has not only the fragrance and fragrance of green tea, but also the mellow and sweet taste of black tea, especially in terms of fragrance, high and strong.Black tea is a type of fermented tea, which is one of China’s major exports.After brewing, the brown color is bright red or deep red. After drinking, the mouth and throat remain obvious fragrance, and the taste is smooth.And Yunnan sun system black tea, due to the natural air drying and become, drink no dry gas, no tea stains, do not worry about yellow teeth.Can be stored for a long time, more and more fragrant.Black tea is the only tea that has been post-fermented (left to ferment), and if pu ‘er can be counted as black tea, it is the most typical one.During the fermentation process of dark tea, a large number of microorganisms and active enzymes are involved in the transformation of tea components. With the dual influence of time and oxidation, the color of tea will become darker, the taste will become mellow, the overall bitterness will be reduced, and the tea will drink more mellow and supple.The property of dark tea is mild, and it is very suitable for those with deficiency and cold constitution and bad stomach.Epilogue six major tea series represents all Chinese tea category, no matter what tea, all need the raw material (no not blended pesticide residues) and ecological (pollution-free), craft (more to keep the activity of tea), taste promotion transformation, storage (dry warehouse), and other aspects, so as to inject a desire for tea, tea market with a piece of pure land.

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