Chengdu Jinjiang District Cancer Prevention and Control Center was established

On March 31, Chengdu Jinjiang Cancer Prevention and Control Center was officially established in Sichuan Friendship Hospital.Wang Yu, office director of Chengdu Cancer Prevention and Control Center, Li Yongjun, deputy director of Jinjiang District Health Bureau, and Liu Sugang, president of Sichuan Friendship Hospital attended the awarding ceremony.It is reported that the center has jinjiang area cancer prevention and control work leading group, Jinjiang area cancer prevention and control work office, Jinjiang area cancer prevention and control expert group, Liu Sugang is the director of the center.It is reported that with the official listing of the center, Sichuan Friendship Hospital will fully shoulder the task of cancer screening, treatment and education in Jinjiang District.At the same time, undertake the promotion of cancer prevention and adaptation technology, as well as the academic exchanges and cooperation on cancer prevention.As a three-level first-class general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention and health care, the Oncology Department of the hospital has 4 wards, which is one of the characteristic departments and key development specialties of the hospital, serving more than 3600 cancer patients every year.The hospital has introduced a large number of well-known experts to form a tumor treatment team, and has a number of young and middle-aged medical backbone with rich clinical experience.In addition, the hospital is equipped with advanced tumor radiotherapy equipment and imaging examination equipment to provide guarantee for tumor radiotherapy.It is understood that in early cancer screening, the hospital has explored a unique cancer prevention service model, through the “1+X” way, targeted to improve the rate of early detection of cancer.”The ‘1’ here refers to routine physical examination items, such as blood routine, biochemical, B-ultrasound, etc.X is to carry out special examinations for different types of cancer to find the most likely potential risk factors for each person’s cancer risk.”Liu Sugang told reporters.Liu Sugang said that the next step, the hospital will implement the relevant cancer prevention and control work guidelines and policies, from the system construction, early diagnosis and treatment, information monitoring, science popularization and education, standardized diagnosis and treatment, and other aspects, and constantly improve the overall planning of cancer prevention and control and collaboration network, improve the rate of early diagnosis of cancer, enhance the ability of standardized diagnosis and treatment of tumors.West China community media reporter Yang Kai hospital for the picture

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