February snow, these diseases should focus on prevention

At the end of the Spring Festival holiday in 2022, shaanxi has witnessed a great snowfall. It is the peak of the Return journey of the Spring Festival Travel rush. The CDC reminds people to pay attention to health problems related to COVID-19, such as intestinal infectious diseases, respiratory infectious diseases and non-occupational carbon monoxide poisoning.”Omicron” variant strains have been imported into some provinces and cities in China.The domestic epidemic prevention and control situation is complex and severe, with local outbreaks occurring in many provinces. Shaanxi has seen a stable epidemic this time, and all patients have been discharged from the hospital. However, we should not relax our vigilance and continue to carry out regular epidemic prevention and control.Health tips (1) Do not go out when it is not necessary, try to travel at different peak times and avoid the peak times around the Spring Festival holiday.Try to avoid going to high-risk areas in China. If you do need to go, you should learn about the prevention and control policies of the destination in advance and make corresponding preparations. You should take strict self-protection measures upon arrival at the destination.After returning to Shaanxi, they should report to their units and local communities in a timely manner, and cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job in isolation and health management.(2) Reduce the number of visiting and dining out parties, reduce the number of dining parties, shorten the time of dining parties, people with flu and other symptoms should try not to participate in dining parties, and at the same time, should do a good job of protection;(3) Take good personal protection, wear masks regularly, wash hands frequently, gather less, observe cough etiquette, maintain social distance of “1 meter line”, and do home cleaning, disinfection and ventilation;(4) Novel coronavirus vaccination is an effective means of protection.At present, COVID-19 vaccination is being gradually resumed in all parts of the province. For those eligible and without contraindications, it is recommended to complete the full course of novel coronavirus vaccine vaccination as soon as possible.Six months after the completion of the whole vaccination, the booster needle should be vaccinated as soon as possible;(5) Strengthening personal health management.Pay close attention to the health status of your family members and yourself. If you have fever, fatigue, dry cough and other symptoms, go to the nearest medical institution as soon as possible (if you have fever, you should go to the fever clinic), and actively inform the doctor of your activities and contact history during the 14 days.Wear a mask all the way to the hospital and avoid taking public transportation.Winter is the season with high incidence of norovirus and other viral diarrhea, which is characterized by rapid onset, rapid transmission and wide coverage. It is recommended that the public pay attention to food hygiene and do a good job in prevention.Health tips (1) Develop good hygienic habits to prevent diseases from entering through the mouth.Use soap or hand sanitizer and wash hands with running water, do not wipe hands with dirty towels, wash hands before eating, after using the toilet and after touching dirty things, avoid dirty hands touching mouth, eyes and nose;(2) Pay attention to food hygiene, do not eat spoiled food, drink boiled water do not drink raw water, do not eat raw and cold unclean food, raw and cooked food to separate;(3) Clean up vomit and excreta in time, and do environmental disinfection.(4) In case of symptoms similar to infectious diarrhea, patients should go to the hospital for treatment in time.3. Respiratory infectious diseases in winter In February, the movement of people is higher, people take closed vehicles and people have more frequent contact, which will increase the transmission risk of influenza, chickenpox, mumps, scarlet fever and other respiratory infectious diseases.Health tips (1) Pay attention to personal hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose with tissue when sneezing or coughing to avoid the spread of droplets.Open Windows regularly for ventilation every day to keep indoor air fresh;Do not contact sick poultry, sick animals, children should stay away from birds, try not to go to poultry slaughter market;(2) For vaccine-preventable infectious diseases such as chickenpox and mumps, timely and whole-course vaccination should be conducted according to relevant vaccination requirements to improve immunity;(3) During the epidemic peak, people should avoid going to crowded places, seek medical advice in time if symptoms occur, and reduce contact with others.Four, non-occupational carbon monoxide poisoning Recently, the temperature dropped again, rain and snow weather appeared in many places, at present, it is the concentration of the use of braziers in southern Shaanxi province, is also the high incidence of carbon monoxide poisoning period.Health tips (1) When indoor use of coal stove, charcoal fire and other heating equipment, the coal should be burned out, do not cover, coal stove should be installed chimney, often open the window ventilation, keep the indoor air fresh;(2) Correctly install and use coal stoves, charcoal fire and other heating equipment, check stoves regularly, maintain and clean chimney and air hopper, keep chimney and air hopper unobblocked;(3) when using natural gas water heater, do not close the room and keep good ventilation;When cooking, prevent the flame from being extinguished, resulting in gas overflow.Regular to gas, gas water heater pressure reducing valve and hose maintenance, if the discovery of damage, rust, leakage should be replaced in time when the problem;(4) do not lie in the closed doors and Windows, open the air conditioning car sleep, air conditioning car in the shutdown must not be closed all the Windows;(5) If a suspicious patient is found, the patient should be promptly removed from the poisoning scene to a ventilated place, loosen the collar, keep warm, closely observe the conscious state, and call an ambulance to be sent to the hospital in time for rescue.From the Spring Festival to the 15th day of the first lunar month, family dinners and setting off fireworks are indispensable festive activities, which should be actively prevented and dealt with potential safety hazards.(1) Report to the local authorities after returning home. Those who have been to medium-high risk areas in the past 14 days should not conceal their travel and actively cooperate with local epidemic prevention and control work.(2) Do not participate in card playing, playing mahjong, chatting in groups and other gathering activities, reduce personnel flow, less gatherings, less visits.Reduce the number of meals, fever, cough, runny nose and other symptoms as far as possible not to participate in the party dinner;(3) Maintain a healthy lifestyle, increase or decrease clothes in time according to the weather changes, ensure adequate sleep, pay attention to personal hygiene and a balanced diet, do not overeat, scientific exercise.Seek medical advice in time if you feel unwell;(4) Pay attention to food safety, do not eat not thoroughly cooked food, unsterilized milk, do not drink dirty raw water.Food processing should be done raw and cooked separate;(5) Pay attention to drinking safety, do not empty stomach and excessive drinking, do not drink without labels, soaked medicinal ingredients unclear origin of the medicinal wine, such as nausea, dizziness, chest tightness, fatigue and other poisoning symptoms, should immediately take measures such as vomiting, and seek medical treatment as soon as possible;(6) The purchase of fireworks should be to the sales license of the franchise company or store.Do not set off fireworks in public places where people gather, warehouses of inflammable and explosive goods, gas stations, open-air goods yards and firewood stacks.Read the instructions carefully before setting off fireworks. Children should not set off fireworks without the supervision of parents or adults. In the event of a firecracker injury, seek immediate medical attention.(Source: Shaanxi CDC)

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