What players like, the game out of what, such a plan to give me a dozen

As the Spring Festival approaches, many games are preparing to hit the YEAR-END KPI, but many games are rolling over one after another, with a wave of operational accidents, causing a lot of jokes.For example, ten thousand people quit planning event in Flower is also the Heart of the Mountain Moon, and Crystal Rose event in League of Legends mobile Game have greatly affected the reputation of the game and the enthusiasm of players.It took apologies and reparations to calm things down, but it was a reflection that this generation of gamers was harder to get hold of than ever before.If the game planners continue to force krypton to force liver in accordance with the previous business ideas, then sooner or later will be killed.In the major brands are thinking about “how to seize the heart of the Z era” consumer environment, will become a major game planning required course.In this regard, NetEase’s Wild Into Action is worth talking about.While the popularity of Wild is not what it was in previous years at home, the game is definitely “top traffic” overseas, especially in Japan.On Twitter’s list of “most Mentioned games of 2021”, Wild has become a veritable beacon of domestic games.In particular, Wildland, which has been operating overseas for four years, is still able to maintain high popularity and become the most popular “Eat Chicken” game in Japan, which is closely related to its deeply customized operation strategy for Japanese players.In short, what the young like, the wild plans to build.Who also countless, the wilderness act exactly how many hot days had linkage, from the initial “ferocious giant” to “evangelion”, and “the demon’s tail”, “one punch superman”, “spell back to fight”, “Tokyo 喰 kinds”, “silver soul” and so on, the big hot day diffuse on market are linked.A wave of kitchen ecstasy, driving the game topic heat rising, but also cultivate the player stickiness, both won the word of mouth and draw new users.In addition to the animation linkage stamp in the taste of young Players in Japan, and Japanese star cooperation has also caused the players of the carnival.During the fourth anniversary celebration, the game officially invited the popular Japanese comedy group “NONSTYLE” to shoot an advertisement, and strongly created the theme of “the biggest thanks in the history of wilderness”.Also invited famous Japanese composer Hiroyuki Sawano to compose the theme song of the anniversary.The star effect led to a sharp rise in the word of mouth of the game, which made the game popular on Twitter during the anniversary.At the end of last year, Into the Wild was linked with Japan’s super popular girl idol group, with a total of 64 million topics.The virtual live of Namisaka 46 was performed for the first time in “Wild Action”. The dazzling vision of live-action +3D interpretation and the stage design with wild characteristics were praised and recognized by the major professional and authoritative media, making players and fans very satisfied and enjoy, making the joint cooperation bring a win-win and satisfactory situation.Therefore, players like to do what wilderness planning, and do it very carefully and brilliant, this is wild can shine in the overseas magic weapon, wilderness game planning must be the ideal of all players mind planning.Making money for dinner is understandable, but how to make players willing to pay out money, spend money can continue to play for the game call, this is the mastermind should go to study, rather than a few symbolic rotary activities, think can fool past.In that case, Wild was good!

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