A world first!Female AIDS “cures” appear

A woman with leukemia and HIV has become the first woman to be cured of the disease after receiving a special stem cell transplant, US researchers said Wednesday.The middle-aged woman was diagnosed with HIV in 2013 and was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia four years later.She then underwent a procedure called haploid cord blood transplant.The method, developed by a team at Weill Cornell Medical College, involves patients receiving special umbilical cord blood from a donor, which contains mutations associated with fighting HIV, before receiving adult stem cells.Umbilical cord blood stem cells are more adaptable than adult stem cells, but can produce fewer cells, which can be compensated by stem cells from adult donors, the team said.And cord blood data will be stored nationally, making it easier to screen for “anti-HIV mutations”.Two men have previously been cured of AIDS after receiving adult stem cell transplants containing anti-AIDS mutations.But both men later suffered serious side effects, as the donor’s cells continued to attack the recipient’s body.This time, however, the woman receiving the new treatment has not yet developed similar symptoms.About three years after the transplant, the woman stopped AIDS treatment, and 14 months later, she had no signs of a relapse.However, the team also points out that the treatment is too small to be applicable to the large number of HIV patients, with perhaps as few as 50 people a year eligible.At this stage, they prefer to describe the woman as being in “remission” of AIDS rather than using the word “cured”.Source: CCTV Finance

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