“E” to keep “Shanghai” | good there is love!When Baymax meets the twins…

Extreme news reporter Liu Xun correspondent Wang Chen Gao Chenchen look, we are twins!On April 7, the twin sisters of the medical team of Wuhan Children’s Hospital came across two pairs of twins in the Shanghai New China Expo Center. They opened the funny “talk box mode” and did some hip-hop dance moves. They soon became the “happy children” in the family cabin.The twins, song Lichan and Song Lijuan, 30, are nurses at the Wuhan Children’s Hospital and have experience fighting COVID-19.This time to support Shanghai, the two sisters signed up.Sister Song Lichan said, they usually love to say love laugh, like hip-hop, came to the “parent-child cabin” after contact with a lot of children, they used all their wits, let the children less nervous.Song lichan said that on the night of July 7, while patrolling the cabin, I came across a father taking care of two little boys. Although they were wearing masks, they could recognize them as twins at a glance.She and Song Lijuan initiative to greet, asked: “are you twins?”One of them nodded. The other hid behind his father.Song Li Juan flirtation chat up: “who is brother, who is younger brother?”The elder brother identified himself and volunteered that he was 4 years old.The sisters continued their conversation, asking the brothers to guess which of them was the elder and which was the younger. The little one was embarrassed to answer, and everyone around laughed.The cheerful sisters quickly bonded with the children and many of them even came forward to talk to them.Until the end of this round of cabin work, the children are very reluctant to part with them, until it is time to go out of the cabin, we agreed with “Baymax” aunt, tomorrow will see again.This agreement, let Song Li Chan, Song Li Juan is very warm heart, but also in the tired of the power, they said, do their part, let “big white” become a friend of the children, they are in a good mood, but also more conducive to help beat the disease, very meaningful.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.24-hour information hotline 027-86777777.

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