Father and son troops on the “Epidemic” line fight “Epidemic” in unison

Massachusetts moment news on April 7 – (correspondent Liu Zhen) of changsha furong district xianghu lake street wars “epidemic” xianghu lake community volunteers, have so a pair of hold in COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control of a line of “sons”, they use their own interpretation of “voluntary red” in word and deed bear responsibility, deducing the warm touching “retrograde” story.Xu Suluo is a 67-year-old party member of Xianghu Community, Xianghu Street, Furong District. He is a volunteer of Xianghu culture, a reader in the old alley, and a judge who does not wear uniform. Even after retiring from work, he still tries his best to give full play to his spare heat and carry out voluntary service throughout.Upon hearing that the community was recruiting volunteers to fight the epidemic, Xu suluo volunteered to join the nucleic acid testing volunteer service team.Xu Suluo usually likes poetry recitation and is a volunteer interpreter in provincial and municipal museums. At the nucleic acid testing sampling site of Xinyayuan In Thailand, he reminded the residents with his charming voice to wear masks, prepare health codes in advance and pay attention to the distance between queues.He said he was truly proud of his choice to fight the epidemic.Under the influence of her father xu Suluo, Xu Sikang also actively signed up to join the volunteer service team of Xianghu Community to fight “epidemic” and served as a nucleic acid detection site information collector in changsha Real estate Registration Center.Although it is xu sikang’s first time to take part in the epidemic prevention and control work, his sense of responsibility, dedication and execution are as strong as anyone else.After working for four or five hours in a thick protective suit at the nucleic acid testing site, he said he felt honored to have the opportunity to serve his neighbors.”The next community volunteer activities, I will also participate in!””Epidemic” line father and son soldiers, relay against “epidemic” baton.Many ordinary people came forward at critical moments to serve the people with warm words and meticulous and enthusiastic actions, and to strengthen the defense line of epidemic prevention and control.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original

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