Zhang Xin, first Secretary of Jiayao Village, Tianshui Thunder village: Vigorously develop e-commerce to promote rural revitalization

In September 2020, located at the junction of Maiji and Qin ‘an, Maiji District, Wulong Town of Lei Jiayao village came to the news of a “master village secretary assistant”, which spread all over the countryside and eight neighbors.More than a year has passed, the 90 post cadres in the village down-to-earth for the villagers to successfully solve every “urgent and difficult look forward to sorrow” matter, the villagers are seen in the eyes of the heart.Leijiayao Village is one of the remote villages in the east of Wulong Town, Maiji District. It is a typical hilly and gully area of the Loess Plateau in Weibei, with an average altitude of 1680 meters. The climate is dry and cold with little rain.Zhang Xin, a native of Yulin, Shaanxi Province, graduated from Northwest A&F University with a master’s degree.In September 2019, I passed the examination of selected students and became a cadre in the General Office of the Environment and Resources Protection Committee of the Standing Committee of Gansu Provincial People’s Congress.In September 2020, he took the initiative to apply for grassroots front-line work, initially serving as the assistant of the village Secretary of Leijiayao Village, Wulong Town, Maiji District, Tianshui city.In June 2021, he became the first Secretary of Leijiayao Village and the leader of the village Assistance Team.On his first day in the village, Zhang Xin began to investigate the geographical environment, natural resources, industries and labor force of Leijiayao village.One day, during his daily visits, he found that there were several people with visual, hearing or intellectual disabilities in the village who did not know about the relevant disability policy and had not yet received disability subsidies, so he went door to door and counted the number of people involved.Later, he led Lei Changkuai, Lei Maokai, Lv Yanmei and others to maiji District government hall to fill in the form first, and then went to the relevant hospital to do disability identification, has been a total of 7 people in 6 households for the first and second level disability certificate, and actively declared the implementation of the two subsidies for the disabled.”My daughter-in-law’s disability certificate has come back, and her speech and hearing are both secondary disabilities. Her granddaughter was admitted to a university last year. Secretary Xiao Zhang has solved our family’s worries for many years.Wang Gucheng, a veteran party member, said excitedly.Since more than a year in the village, Zhang Xin has visited almost every villager’s home.He learned that many of the children’s parents work outside the village, and the children’s grandparents are older, so it is difficult to help the children with their homework.In addition, the family learning environment of the children in the village is also very similar. Most of them read and write on the kang with limited hardware conditions.So he used an idle house in the village, so that the children could have a place to study after school, and he also used his spare time to help the children with homework, which was unanimously recognized by the village and the villagers.Since Last October, Zhang xin has changed from “Secretary Zhang” to “Teacher Zhang” after work every day. On weekends and evenings, he helps children of different ages in the village with their homework and urges them to study hard.The children will also consciously back schoolbags to the village “review room” to do their homework seriously, once they encounter problems will immediately ask, Zhang Xin is always answering questions, patiently explain, the whole “review room” learning atmosphere is thick, full of fun.It is understood that in more than a year, Zhang Xin reported to the supporting units to coordinate the project financial support, the total length of 2.73 kilometers of industrial road hardening project has started construction;The construction of village-level positions was improved, and facilities and equipment were added to improve the office environment.Supply daily necessities such as rice, flour and oil for “love supermarket”.At the same time, the “Lei Jiayao Village Love Haircut house” has been set up to provide free services such as hair washing, haircutting and so on for the elderly over 60 years old, left-behind women, left-behind children and disabled people in the village.”This is my second hometown and I plan to do well here,” zhang said of his New Year ambitions.I want to make use of my major to do beibei pumpkin planting in the village. I tried it last year and it was very successful.At the same time, we will continue to vigorously develop e-commerce and sell our local products out of the village.”In 2022, he said, he will adhere to the people as the center of the development of ideas, from the most difficult of the mungiki, grabbed from the most prominent problem, building strong village party organization, promoting strong village enriching people, enhance the level of governance, and other aspects of services on proposing keep descend heart, adjust step posture, one step at a time to do consolidate development of poverty crucial achievement, promoting rural revitalization.Wang Lanfang, reporter of Lanzhou Morning Post, Riverrun News

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