Deep in the Tianshan Mountains, “mountain chisel people” do not give up day and night to build a passage

A general view of the entrance end of Tianshan Shengli Tunnel.Urumqi, February 1 (Gou Jipeng liu Xinpeng) January 31, the last day of the year of the Ox in the Lunar calendar.More than 70 kilometers south of Urumqi in the depths of tianshan Mountains, wuwei highway Tianshan Shengli tunnel construction site of people and vehicles passing through.Machinery rumbled in the tunnel and the roadheader advanced slowly.Outside the tunnel, couplets had been posted early, lanterns hung, full of flavor.The Wuwei Expressway, which officially started construction in 2019, is over 320 kilometers long, connecting Urumqi to Yuli and Korla.After the completion of the open to traffic, will really through the tianshan highway north-south.Tianshan Victory tunnel is its throat project, in order to “chisel through” Tianshan as soon as possible, there are a lot of “chisel mountain people” choose to stay in the Tiger Spring Festival project.”Circuit security is very important in mountains, not cities.I’m gonna keep an eye on my post, make sure the power’s on.We should not only ensure smooth construction of the project, but also let everyone enjoy a bright Spring Festival.”Electrician Wang Yutao said that if a fault occurs, he needs to immediately coordinate with relevant departments to carry out troubleshooting.Workers hang lanterns to decorate the festival.Wang Peijun, the monitor of the belt class in the guide cave, was busy in the tunnel with his team members all day.”I also want to go home to spend the Spring Festival with my family, but WHEN I chose this job, I was prepared to stick to it.”He said with a smile that the food and living environment here are good, there is a dinner in the evening, but also can watch the Spring Festival Gala.”We will make persistent efforts to get this tunnel to it as soon as possible.”He said that there are many workers on the project who stick to their posts with him during the Spring Festival. Although they cannot go back to stay with their families on the day of family reunion, it is also meaningful to spend the Spring Festival with their workmates.Zhao Huanyu, a 1st shaft technician, walked out of the tunnel after finishing his work and made a phone call to say hello to his parents in Inner Mongolia.”Mom, I gave you on the Internet to buy the dried fruit received, this year’s New Year I can not go back, you eat more good.”He had a small talk with his mother.Mother said: “it is cold in the mountains, you wear more, don’t worry about home.”At about 19 o ‘clock on the same day, the workers came to the door of the canteen, ready to eat dinner, mostly with smiles on their faces.Some just came back from the work area, have not had time to change clothes rushed to the canteen to eat the reunion dinner.The annual Spring Festival Gala is indispensable for everyone.When they had eaten their fill, there was a homely conversation, with a mixture of southern and northern accents.Several LCD televisions hung in the canteen sounded familiar with the sound of the Spring Festival Gala…The tianshan Shengli Tunnel, with a total length of about 22 kilometers, is the longest highway tunnel under construction in the world. Located in the cold and high altitude area, the climate environment is extremely harsh, the geological conditions are complex, and there are a variety of adverse geological conditions, so the construction is difficult and the construction organization is complex.Since the start of construction, this group of “chisel mountain people” not willing to give up day and night, the oath of the natural cut into the road.(End) Responsible Editor: Tian Yue Source :37 China News Network

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