He would rather “masturbate” than touch me. My fault?

This Valentine’s Day, many hotels are hard to find.After the colleague listens to, make fun of way: go to open a room affirmation is small couple, got married, would rather rub a meal, also won’t spend money on this above.Ha ha ha ~ real world have!In “A Chinese Odyssey”, Princess Iron Fan once said a classic line: used to call somebody else small sweet, now call somebody else Cow lady!Before marriage VS after marriage, is the difference really that big?Yeah, it’s a big difference!Is a baby before marriage and after marriage to brother didn’t sex after marriage, it’s not your fault one of seven years of marriage fans to leave a message to us for help, to fall in love, how to love is not enough, after marriage, husband and wife life less and less, I always thought he is busy, until recently I found himself in secretly solve demand, I just know, he is not not interested, he is just not interested in me.”Talk show convention”, Siwen once said: husband and wife two people in a long time can be transparent to what extent?Even if you stand in front of him dressed as transparent, he can treat you as transparent.When the partner once to their cold, no longer like before as sweet words, “sex” to vibrant, many female friends will first of all from their own body to find reasons: is it that I have no attraction to him?Is he unhappy about having a baby and being out of shape?Hold on!Stop it!Don’t make yourself feel bad about everything.After marriage, his “sexual” interest is no longer, it is likely that his physical and psychological “ghost”.When one partner’s sexual needs go unmet for a long time, it’s a red flag for both marriage and relationships.One of two things is likely to happen: either one of them goes off the rails and seeks new stimulation from the outside.Or, stick to the line of responsibility and take care of your physical needs manually.Which do you prefer?It goes without saying that it must be the latter!”Manual” is definitely a safer way, but we can’t ask everyone to be a saint, let alone force people around us to remain faithful for a lifetime. What we can do is to protect ourselves first.You know, sexual contact is the main route of HPV infection, including vaginal, anal and oral intercourse, anything associated with sexual activity.So whether your partner is “monogamous” is directly related to your health.Even if a TT is worn, it is not completely effective in preventing the spread of HPV, as the virus can live in any area around the anus and genitals, including areas not covered by condoms, and can live for years.Therefore, prevention is definitely the most effective approach, and we recommend regular cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination for women of appropriate age (all over 9 years old).Two people go together at first must be because of love, as time goes on, it becomes a responsibility.Sleeping in the same bed all the time can inevitably lead to some aesthetic fatigue.But this does not mean that we can ignore the feelings of the other half, whether it is love or marriage, the most comfortable state is sure that I understand your hardships, you understand my pay, even if the passion is no longer, there are responsibilities, obligations, affection, restraint let us not deviant.Health is the most important thing in life, girls at any time please take good care of yourself!

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