The amount of manganese used in lithium-ion batteries could surge by more than 10 times

With the progress of material modification technology, the industrialization process of mangan-based cathode materials is accelerated, and lithium ferromanganese phosphate, as one of the most important improvement directions of lithium ferromanganese phosphate, is expected to take the lead in industrial application.At the groundbreaking ceremony of Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin, Musk said tesla is currently developing more materials to make batteries and sees the chemical potential of manganese-based cathode batteries.Compared with lithium iron phosphate, the biggest advantage of lithium iron manganese phosphate is to increase the voltage platform from 3.4V to 4.1V, can improve the battery energy density about 15%;Second, it can be mixed with ternary materials to reduce costs.Third, there is no need to make major changes to the production line, which is conducive to mass production and cost reduction.Thanks to the rapid growth of ternary cathode materials and lithium manganate materials shipments, the manganese consumption for lithium cathode materials is expected to exceed 300,000 tons in 2025, with a CAGR of 32% in 2021-2025, according to analysts.With the increase of the permeability of new mangan-based cathode materials, it is expected that the manganese used for lithium batteries will surge, and it is expected to increase to over 1.3 million tons by 2035, more than 10 times that of 2021. However, the dominant position of manganese used for steel is hard to change, and the “dual pattern” of manganese industry makes manganese used for batteries prone to structural shortage., according to goods association subject library related listed companies: in the day the original stake manganese lithium iron phosphate cathode material at the pilot stage, the company’s new production line of lithium iron phosphate battery anode materials with manganese lithium iron phosphate cathode material production line is fully compatible with, so the company using lithium iron phosphate anode materials through simple adjustment of the formula and process of production line which can produce manganese lithium iron phosphate cathode material.Sinosteel Tianyuan battery grade manganese tetroxide capacity of 5000 tons/year.Related stock China Steel Tianyuan -1.10% Tianyuan shares +0.19%

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