How do young people deal with marriage and love?Nearly 70 percent of unmarried young people surveyed have experienced “marriage urging”

The Spring Festival, the year of the Tiger, has just passed, and many unmarried young people are urged to get married during the Spring Festival.Some net friends sigh “every festival is urging marriage”.A recent survey of 2,021 unmarried young people conducted by the Social Investigation Center of China Youth Daily and found that 68.2 percent of them have experienced “marriage urging”.80.6 percent of unmarried young people said they felt pressured to visit relatives and friends during the Spring Festival.Faced with pressing for marriage and love, 59.2 percent of the unmarried young people surveyed changed the subject and attention, while 53.0 percent agreed with whatever the other person said.Among the unmarried young people surveyed, 17.7 percent were born after 2000, 39.8 percent after 1995, 32 percent after 1990 and 10.4 percent after 1985.Male accounted for 40.6%, female 59.4%.The net friend comment on: @ mahogany small park: make love to urge marriage, gave rise to phase (I) @ know you reason to wind: feeling one single for a long time really get single carcinoma If someone walks into your life will have a slightly insecurity of life rhythm is disrupted Especially in the need to sacrifice their own time and likes to please another person @ love dogs and you:I’m still trying to brainwash my mom @Serena: There’s no way to run away and I want to go home and I’m afraid to go home

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