The 13th CPC Zibo Congress opens

Qilu network · Lightning news February 12 – February 12 morning, the communist Party of China zibo 13th Congress, in the Qisheng International hotel conference Center hall grand opening.Jiang Duntao, party secretary of Zibo, on behalf of the 12th Committee of Zibo City, made a report to the conference entitled “accelerating the transformation across the commitment to walk in the forefront to create a new era of socialist modernization strong city construction new situation”.The report is divided into five parts: first, Zibo will strive to achieve high-quality development through trials and hardships;2. Zibo is committed to following orders and interpreting the responsibility of “two establishment” and “two maintenance”;Three, mind the overall situation to grasp the general trend, describe the vision of zibo to build a strong socialist modern city in the new era;Fourth, focus on deepening the “nine powers”, to create a zibo sample of socialist modernization in the new era;Fifth, we will deepen our efforts to comprehensively govern the Party with strict discipline and step up our pace on the new road to the exams.The 13th CPC Zibo Congress was held from February 11 to 15.In accordance with the articles of association of the communist party of China, the local party congress held every five years, zibo thirteenth congress will summarize the zibo the 12th congress of the communist party of China since the job, study the deployment of zibo city over the next five years the goal of social and economic development and policy measures, will complete the relevant tasks at the same time.The main agenda of the conference is: to hear and examine the report of the 12th CPC Zibo Committee;To examine the work report of the 12th Committee for Discipline Inspection of Zibo City;To elect the 13th CPC Zibo Committee;To elect the 13th CPC Discipline Inspection Commission of Zibo city;Elected deputies from Zibo to the 12th CPC Shandong Provincial Congress.Flash news reporter Sun Kaixuan wang Liang reports

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