Winter Olympics: another legend finishes in fourth place, 1.6 meters star rejects three consecutive games, 96 points to win

The snowboard men’s halfpipe final on Feb. 11.American legend Shaun White, two-time Winter Olympic silver medalist Momo Hirano of Japan, world No. 1 Yutou Tozuka of Japan, and Australian Scotie James are among those who have a shot at the gold medal.The game had its ups and downs.In the first round, all four of the favorites made mistakes to varying degrees.Shaun Wye, who qualified fourth, fared relatively well, scoring 72 points;Yusuo Tozuka, who ranked third in the qualifying round, scored 62 points.Scotty James, who qualified second, scored 16.5;Hirano ranked first in the qualifying round with 33.75 points.The second round, the game into the climax.After Sean White scored 85 points and Yoto Tozuka made a 69.75 error, Scotty James completed a superb set of 92.5 points. Hirano was just as good at his difficult moves, but the umpire only scored 91.75 points.In the third round, the decisive moment is even more exciting.Shaun White, the veteran of five seasons, had a mistake and was in tears after finishing the game;Tozuka still failed, only 26.5 points, the final ranking of the last 3;Scotty James’ fumble, waiting for Hirano’s performance;Hirano flawlessly completed the routine, scoring an astonishing 96 points to win the comeback!As a result, Shaun White, a three-time gold medalist at the 2006 Turin games, 2010 Vancouver Games and 2018 PyeongChang Games, finished fourth, the same place as figure skating legend Yuzuru Hanyu in Beijing.It remains to be seen whether the veteran born in 1986 will continue to play.Hirano, who is only 1.6 meters tall, finally realized his dream of winning a gold medal in the Winter Olympics. The superstar, who has won numerous other events but only finished second in Sochi 2014 and Pyeongchang 2018, captivated the judges with his flawless performance.After the championship hirano step dream appears very calm, as he in the calm atmosphere.Scotty James finished runner-up, but his style was clearly loved by the judges.He certainly has an innate advantage in this stylized sport, and one day he has a chance to take on Shaun White’s mantle against a bunch of Japanese difficulty monsters.Pay attention to small fish, feel the temperature of sports!

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