Winter Olympics opening ceremony to pass the national flag of Shandong head nurse: hand hand is also patriotism and national defense

Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point reporter Qin Congcong February 4 evening, the 24th Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony held in the national stadium.In the “Hand-to-hand transmission of the National Flag”, representatives from all walks of life and 56 ethnic groups pass the national flag to express the feelings and relationship between the people and the national flag through hand-to-hand transmission.Ding Min, the national advanced individual against COVID-19 and head nurse of the First Intensive Care Medicine Department of Shandong First Medical University Affiliated Provincial Hospital, participated in the project and felt excited for a long time.With the melodious melody of “Me and my Motherland”, 176 outstanding representatives from all walks of life and 56 ethnic groups were divided into two rows, a bright five-star red flag, in their hand in hand to lift the direction of the national flag class steady progress.Then the national flag was raised and the national anthem was played.Recalling the sacred feeling of being part of it, Ding min said words could not describe it.This is an important part of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics that Ding Min participated in.Back in November 2021, Ding Min received a notice from the Commendation Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, asking whether she could participate in an important part of the performance of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games and whether the hospital could support it.”It’s an honor to me and to our hospital.”Ding min said she had been paying attention to the Winter Olympics since Beijing became the only city to host both the Olympics and the Winter Olympics, and she was even more excited about the event.However, because the organizing committee of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games requested confidentiality, ding min did not know exactly what part of the performance to participate in.It was not until January 14, when Ding min arrived in Beijing for a rehearsal, that she learned that her mission was to pass the escort flag.The first time to stand in the “Bird’s Nest”, watching volunteers hand hand the national flag rehearsal.The trumpet sounded loud and clear, and Ding Min couldn’t help tears.On the first day of the Chinese New Year, the participants were the winners of the July 1st Order of Merit, heroes of border defense, representatives of advanced models from all walks of life, and representatives of ethnic minorities. They were scattered all over the country, so the initial positioning and rhythm drills were all done by volunteers.Ding min rehearsed intensively for three days in Beijing from January 14 to 16, with volunteers instructing her one-on-one movements, positioning and facial expressions.Because the hand is holding the national flag, can not be tilted, can not bend, to straighten, when passing to protect.There are a lot of things to take care of, but when you actually get on the court, everyone gets into shape very quickly.On February 1, the first day of Chinese New Year, Ding Min left for Beijing.And 2020 departure time to Hubei, basically the same.At that time, the sudden OUTBREAK of COVID-19 disrupted people’s normal life. As the deputy leader of the first batch of medical teams and the leader of the critical care group, Ding Min also set out on the first day of the Chinese New Year to defend Huanggang, Hubei province.When she arrived in Huanggang, she did not sleep for 30 hours and led the team to build the first intensive care unit in Dabie Mountain Hospital in one day.As an expert with rich nursing experience, she always sticks to the front line, the most tired and dangerous work, always rush in the first.She inserted a gastric tube in just eight seconds for a patient who could not be removed from non-invasive ventilation, and the story of “Head nurse Quick hand to establish a channel of life” is widely known.Are on the first day of the New Year, although undertake different missions, but are the same responsibility in the heart.”We are an extraordinarily fortunate group of people, fortunate and proud to stand here on behalf of all the walks of life in which we live.”Ding Min said, in addition to representatives of all walks of life and representatives of 56 nationalities, this team also has Qi Fabao, Jing Haipeng, Guo Wangang, Xu Zhenchao, Maimaitijiang · Wumaier, Sheng A Wei 6 British models, also very honored, have the opportunity to the scene “chasing after stars”.On February 4th, the opening ceremony arrived as promised.After exchanging encouragement with the volunteers, Ding min once again occupied the center of the bird’s Nest.Really start that moment, the mood can not calm for a long time.Treasure transfer, reluctantly to let go, the national flag passed through their hands, arrived at the national flag class.Immediately, Ding Min and the others retreated to the back and sang the national anthem loudly with the music.The song is loud because it comes from the heart.We looked at the five-star red flag flying high with tears in our eyes.”What we convey is not only a national flag, but also people’s patriotism and protection of the country.”Mattias lampe says.In the background, watching the “China Red” stage, Ding Min could not help cheering with everyone;Return curtain call, ding Min’s model team is still in C.”Although we are not a little old, but the scene at that time, let us all like children, whooping, proud of our great motherland, and proud.”‘The excitement lasted for a long, long time,’ Ms. Ding said.It was almost 24 o ‘clock when the opening ceremony ended and left the venue. The volunteers who had worked hard for a long time stood on both sides of the long passage. The performers waved goodbye with smiles on their faces.”Believe that our country will become stronger and stronger, and people will become happier and happier.”In Ding Min’s view, they are full of vitality, is the hope of the future.

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