Air conditioning opened for a while automatically stopped how to return a responsibility

Air conditioning opened for a while automatic stop reasons: room temperature reached the set temperature will automatically stop, can bring the effect of electricity saving;Set the timing function of air conditioning, to close the timing switch by remote control;The remote control is in sleep mode and will automatically turn off when it reaches the preset temperature.The connecting pipe or outdoor pipe is blocked, the whole system cannot return oil normally, and the compressor stops running.Air conditioning is becoming more and more popular. It is an essential household appliance for many families.Room air conditioner (” air conditioner “) is a unit of air conditioner that is used to deal with air temperature changes in a space (usually confined).Its function is to adjust the temperature, humidity, cleanliness and air flow rate of the air in the room (or closed space, area) to meet the requirements of human comfort or process.2. With the upgrading of related technologies, air conditioners have become a common sight.Air conditioning is divided into single cooling air conditioning and cold and warm dual use air conditioning, the working principle is the same, the refrigerant used in air conditioning is freon.Freon has the property of releasing a great deal of heat as it changes from a gas to a liquid.And when you go from liquid to gas, you absorb a lot of heat.Air conditioners are designed on this principle.The compressor compresses the gaseous refrigerant into the gaseous refrigerant of high temperature and high pressure, and then sends it to the condenser (outdoor unit) to become the liquid refrigerant of normal temperature and high pressure after heat dissipation, so the outdoor unit blows out hot air.Air conditioning can be used in many places, which is very convenient for us.Environmental protection air conditioning is used in densely populated or short use time and the need for rapid cooling places, such as: auditorium, conference room, church, school, canteen, gymnasium, exhibition hall, shoe factory, clothing factory, toy factory, vegetable market, etc.;There are places with strong smell of polluting gas and large dust, such as: hospital hall, waiting room, kitchen and chemical factory, plastic factory, electronics factory, chemical fiber factory, leather factory, spraying silk printing factory, rubber factory, printing and dyeing factory, textile factory, breeding factory, etc.Production places with heating equipment or high temperature, such as: machining, injection molding, electroplating, metallurgy, printing, food processing, glass, household appliances and other production workshops: shopping malls, supermarkets, amusement parks, casinos, waiting rooms with open doors;Suitable for agricultural scientific research and cultivation center or base.

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