Feng Landa new car launch shibao Toyota to wait for you

Fengda new car launched shibao Toyota, you will enjoy seven times of courtesy from the day you enter the store:1– through the network to register to the shop test drive enjoy exclusive gift 2– installment purchase, enjoy 0 down payment, 2 years 0 interest a variety of financial policies 3– online car ordering customers order designated models can enjoy exquisite gifts 4– Online car ordering to develop models enjoy exclusive gift package 5– second-hand car free evaluation send glass water,Replacement to high enjoy 7000 yuan replacement subsidy 6- old customers to introduce, referral success that enjoy thousand yuan gift package 7- unlimited mileage unlimited number of years, battery without worry plan ★★★★ ★ Xi ‘an Shibao store all network sales MM waiting for you to call address: Xi ‘an West third Ring and petrochemical Avenue interchange southeast corner of Toyota Shibao Jun warm reminder:The epidemic is not over yet, so you still need to take precautions when traveling. Gac Toyota West Third Ring Store in Xi ‘an Shibao was established in July 2012. It is a special 4S store authorized by GAC Toyota to operate gaC Toyota brand.The company is located in the southeast corner of the interchange of west Third Ring road and Petrochemical Avenue.With a construction area of 5,459 square meters, it is the GAC Toyota 4S store with advanced hardware and software facilities in Shaanxi so far.The space of the store is spacious and bright, and the layout style is elegant and simple. It is divided into product exhibition area, negotiation area, boutique display area, maintenance reception area, VIP rest area, maintenance area and so on.Here, customers can not only appreciate and buy their favorite GAC Toyota cars in a comfortable environment, but also get professional consulting services and technicians to care for their cars.Our shop features: customers to the shop to see the car to provide free delicious lunch, a complete range of drinks, our shop has children’s play area, reading area, sales area, service area, can be free car wash.Let you enjoy a more convenient one-stop service, car selection Toyota service in Shibao.The event will run from February 19, 2022 to February 28, 2022

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