Yang Simin: 19 years old with Pan Jinlian a shot and became famous, 28 years old live 10 million mansion, 33 years old sell ramen

Text: talk much who take arsenic “fire” of?Pan Jinlian, of course.A “big lang, the drink medicine”, let the world men shiver, read the “Water Margin” poison husband link, it is difficult to leave no sequelae.In the face of the wife serving tea and water, a man can’t help thinking of a saying: “Nothing is more toxic than a woman’s heart”, which is especially detrimental to social harmony.But, after all, is a masterpiece, so each big director cheerfully have taken to remake, various models of the lotus of pan gold is brought to a visual feast of mesa, so very successfully passed the review that one pass, the reason is very simple, using the classics the gold-lettered signboard, hit a ball, to the success of the actors made his name, earn big director, the audience quite well,Everybody’s happy!Mention pan Jinlian, which version will you think of?Open this list, a series of familiar names: Yang Simin, Wen Bixia, Wang Siyi, Wang Zuxian, Gan Tingting, Fu Yiwei……However, according to incomplete statistics, Yang Simin is particularly popular, but it is no wonder, “Asia’s most beautiful breasts” nickname is not for nothing for so many years.Yang Simin into the entertainment circle, cannot leave her personal efforts, review her life experience, can be called a grassroots struggle history.Yang Simin is her stage name and her birth name is Shinami.In 1976, a baby girl was born to an ordinary family in Japan. Shortly after her birth, asami, a god, attracted a lot of onlookers in the neighborhood, and friends and relatives sent compliments: “The baby is really good-looking.”Yang Simin knows that she can get more good opportunities by winning with her appearance, so she doesn’t concentrate on studying. After finishing middle school, she doesn’t want to go to school.Make money, more money to buy beautiful clothes to wear ah!Girls love beauty is nature, and her parents can not afford too much pocket money to support the little beauty, she also does not want to follow the vanity of those girls, take the road of social assistance, so she decided to rely on their own.Yang Simin’s first job is when the elevator lady in Tokyo, this job is not easy, because she develops early, the figure is hot, put on the young beauty of slim uniform, in the customer flow, it is inevitable that people with evil feelings will not take lard hand, Yang Simin was angry, quit.It was easy to change a job in a shopping mall. Yang Simin was pretty, fair and sweet, and soon became a shopping guide in the cosmetics counter.However the woman much place, is also much, cannot stand those pick and choose of woman, Yang Simin had to leave office again.Her parents nagged her to go back to school, but instead of pegging out, she bought a ticket to Taiwan because she had heard that “monks from other countries can recite sutras.”1995, the Taiwan entertainment circle at that time, did not resemble Japan and South Korea circle in that way popular heavy taste pictorial collection, Yang Simin broke the halcyon of this domain, by right of pictorial collection, circle the heart of a large number of curtilage male be eager to move.With respect to such, rely on the trick that this finds a new way, Yang Simin changes a new face, name for oneself with the meaning of agile thinking, be bound to make a name in entertainment circle.As the first entertainment circle to eat photo set crab, Yang Simin gradually rose to fame, this time, there is a little girl can not sit, she Vivian, under the brokerage company reminded, Vivian xu also imitate Yang Simin, took the photo set.But with Yang Simin’s export trade is different, Vivian hsu is engaged in the practice of export to domestic sales, a set of photo collection after shooting, Vivian Hsu not only opened the Japanese market, but also in Hong Kong and Taiwan region to stand a little flower.In 1995, beauty saw eye to eye with two people, soon team up to make a play, in “Devil angel”, one is responsible for pure dress, one is responsible for beautiful dress, two types of beauty, ensure this play quite good box office revenue.It was because of her bold acting prowess in this drama that Yang Simin, 19, was soon cast as Pan Jinlian.Director “Pan Jinlian” the director tan Ming of this play, is also a wonderful person, the cast is poor jingle ring, did not pull too much commercial investment, just rely on the good vision of pick actors, let Yang Simin provoked all ratings.With eyes containing spring water, eyes pan qiubo of affection, very seductive micro expression, Ximenqing if there is no tiger smell rose at this time of the move, the audience have to stand up and call him wood.But shan Liwen, the actor who plays Xi Menqing, lived up to the audience’s expectations and gave a wonderful performance with Yang Simin.With persuasion is not ashamed, after will promote the plan to poison wu big plot, also logically mentioned the agenda, and then how many viewers see the scene of the abuse of the heart?Although the story is old-fashioned, but did not live up to the expectations of the male audience, people’s most persistent part of the story, the director dare to shoot, the actor dare to play, with the help of the classics in the wide approval of the free gold medal, let the audience see a feast for the eyes, Yang Simin with this play, won the title of “Asia’s first beautiful breasts”.Nevertheless, also counterpart is not happy, with what your biggest ah?We have a lot of real stuff, too!So, before long, it was rumored that Yang Simin’s breasts were made of salt water bags, and she could not resist the ravaging of male actors. Some even spread even more bizarre remarks, saying that Yang Simin would get along well with male actors every time she took part in a play, for fear of being caught too hard.Sitting in the top of the porn star flow position, the same height is lonely ah!All sorts of envy envy hate, let Yang Simin guard against.Yang Simin with Jiang Guobin partner, “Devil’s Angel”, because there is a swimming pool play, because Yang Simin is all L at that time, there are many intimate scenes between the two.Later, when Yang Simin’s false breast rumor is very loud, the good media also specially interviewed jiang Guobin on this matter, asked him at that time with Yang Simin partner, when touching Yang Simin, whether there is true material feeling.At that time Jiang Guobin was asked by the media flushed, a seven feet man, just let the media asked embarrassed, finally stammered to say 1: “why do you ask me this kind of question”?Perhaps because she could not bear the human warmth of the entertainment industry, Yang Simin retired from acting without making several films.In 2007, after filming The Drama King, Yang completely changed her career direction and never stepped back into the entertainment industry.In fact, as early as during filming, Yang Simin on the heart of the meaning of retirement, she was proficient in many languages, Cantonese, Japanese, Chinese, English, handy, but also published a number of their own books.She is labeled as a gray porn star on the outside, but in her heart, she is an artistic young woman.Three years after pan’s success, Yang’s father was killed in a car accident and her mother later contracted throat cancer, forcing her to make films and TV dramas that were often embarrassing.In 1999, Yang Simin herself was seriously ill. She felt uncomfortable in her chest and was later diagnosed with breast cancer. In order to save her life, her breast was changed from a proud 34D to a 32D, and the title of “Asia’s most beautiful breast” became a great irony.Although these bad things happened one after another, but Yang Simin’s good luck soon followed, good and bad are really not bad at all.Because of the twists and turns of her life, Yang Simin chose to return to China for relaxation. During her outing in Japan, she met the big boss of the tourism industry, Who is Alumi. Her boyfriend doted on her extremely.In 2004, In order to give his girlfriend a comfortable home, Arumi bought her a 12 million yuan mansion in Tamshui district, Taiwan province. At that time, such a mansion was quite luxurious and luxurious.Not only such, a lumi still very close to decorate a house for her, throw next 5 million please stylist elaborate design, decorate a style also according to the style design that Yang Simin likes to build.In addition to a large cloakroom, there are luxurious bathrooms, jacuzzi, steam room and swimming pool to make your girlfriend’s stay comfortable.In addition, a lumi even Yang Simin’s wash water, have to be airlifted from Japan, which shows that her boyfriend is quite spoiled.However, Yang Simin soon became tired of Taiwan, unable to adapt to the intrigues and intrigues of the entertainment industry, Yang Simin gradually began to retire.In fact, filming this matter, originally to her allure is not big, because her boyfriend has taken care of her very close, every month will give her five hundred thousand yen to do pocket money.But what else can you do without acting?After much deliberation, Yang decided to open a restaurant, and when she proposed the idea to Arumi, he said yes without hesitation.In 2009, 33-year-old Yang Simin opened a super luxury noodle restaurant in Taiwan, attracting a crowd of fans. It turned out that Yang simin’s catering career was set in China, which surprised many.I often hear old people say, how much suffering, how much happiness, if there is no experience of those disasters, how to come after the glory and wealth, rich family life?According to Yang Simin’s recollection, her boyfriend never abandoned her when she was in trouble, and did not dislike her because her beautiful breasts were no longer beautiful and her appearance was getting old. From the beginning to the end, this man appreciated her tough and gentle character and way of doing things.There are many porn stars in the entertainment circle, but few of them can successfully land on the beach like Yang Simin, turn around magnificently and become a big winner in life. Besides good luck, it is inseparable from her personal efforts.After Yang Simin, still born many versions of Pan Jinlian, but the most unforgettable, or Yang Simin this version.Perhaps even Shi naian himself did not expect that in more than 600 years after his death, there would be so many women with his image of a poisonous woman, all over the country.Perhaps that’s why men are more reassured by a warm reminder to drink lots of hot water than “It’s time to drink your medicine.”The pictures in this article are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact the author to delete.

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