Six hundred times!Ningbo man driving on the highway did not check, this is a big matter

New Year’s day, self-driving travel.On the road, if there is something wrong with the car, it is really terrible…East on @zxuxz driving, on the high speed just think of checking the vehicle, this is good, the tire is flat, there is a problem this how to go?The poster said he was going to go on the highway, so he thought of checking the car. It was strange that he hadn’t pumped up the car for a year, and there was no tire pressure alarm.Take out the tire gauge, baby!The pressure of 4 tires is only 1.5mpa, and the low tire pressure is garbage. If one of the 4 tires is wrong, it will alarm, and the 4 tires will not alarm when they all fall down slowly. If you buy a car, you must buy a tire pressure with a display.On the road to turn around, found the surrounding car wash shops, maintenance shops are closed, there is no way.But it was impossible for me to drive a family on a highway with a few flat tires.The evil low tire pressure alarm, the principle is to count the number of turns of each tire, if one of them is found to be much different from the number of turns of the other three, that there is a problem with the tire, and then the alarm.All four tires are flat or full, they’re not gonna call the cops.You see, my four air pressure is only about 1.5Mpa, short of 1.0Mpa.Artifact play, don’t tell me about the car pump, last year spent 100 dollars to buy a, hit two tires can not start, and the pressure is not allowed, quite waste.It’s the same old thing. Don’t look old. It’s supercharged.This is the additional adapter, very sharp, electric car, motorcycle, car.The connection is finished, ready to open the whole, about 15 times can increase 0.1mpa, the front of the rise is slow, fast behind, my lack of 1.0 mpa a tire needs 150 times, it seems not a big problem, in fact, I hit 50 times began to sweat.I was already sweating after I had finished one tire.Fortunately, after 150, when I screwed off that head, the speed must be fast, or I will miss a lot of gas.You see 2.3mpa on both sides, it’s ok, it’s really not moving.Finally, check your tires before you get on the highway.Do not feel that the tire pressure alarm is all right, otherwise it will bring a lot of trouble during the Chinese New Year.What do you think?@Purple Day 22: I am also encouraged by this. People passing by look at me like an alien. Actually this is quite good.This antique is very good, one can exercise, two can be used as a self-defense tool, three is reliable and durable!@Panty puller: I once got a tire pressure alarm on the freeway and luckily a garage nearby found out it was a leaky valve core.@I am also not chrysanthemum: my tire pressure alarm is not accurate, and the self-repair tire nail is pulled out and leaked @clear water nib: in addition to the energy cost more practical than those car air pump, the price is cheap and not too bad!I bought a two-cylinder air pump to eat dust at home.Noven: There must be a lot of people who don’t have a pump but have a pump, including me.Because before see all kinds of evaluation, feel that the air pump has all kinds of problems, finally bought a pump.Do not run rotten road, perennial downtown, with a pump to fill the air has been enough, a year can not be used several times.Xiaobian remind: During the Chinese New Year, pay attention to safety on the road before going out, remember to check oh

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