Teacher and apprentice encounter trouble: super foreign aid does not return, Li Chunjiang lost a good helper, Du Feng four consecutive crowns to cool cool

CBA in the third stage is going to be on the whole, only 10 round due to the third stage, so for a lot of teams, the window is crucial, want trading players will deal as soon as possible, to the introduction of foreign aid will be introduced, after all, for time is running out, for the spring river and Du Feng for mentoring, are encountered bad news,Lonesome, who was expected by fans, will not return to China this season, and Marshawn Brooks, who was expected by Du Feng, will not return in the third period.Fredette personally issued a statement:This season will not return to the CBA Shanghai record is very good this season, led by the spring river team is also recognized by the vast number of fans, the Shanghai team ranked second in the CBA league, has 10 rounds of the playoffs, ahead of the Shanghai team in Shanghai for a long time since the 2018-2019 season is over for the first time since the Shanghai team in the playoffs,It is commendable that the current Shanghai team is very strong, from the head coach to the allocation of players is very reasonable, and the players are composed of a number of national players and very potential young players, and they have played a great role in the league.Shanghai now only lack is small foreign aid franklin, this elder brothers now the overall state of worry, sometimes feel a little work not the output of the appearance, strength drops this season, is averaging only 16.3 points, 6.9 rebounds, 7.9 assists, and is not the three pairs of king, according to the previous understanding, in the third stage,Once Shanghai team’s super foreign aid Fredette will return, at that time is also to the fans of greater hope, after all, the strength of the lonely God in here, but also the fans like a foreign aid.According to the latest news, Fredette updated his social media, saying, “I will not return to the CBA this season. My wife is pregnant and I need to be by my side.God also said, he would have been focused on Shanghai, expect the team to win a championship, “because Frey wear can not return, more pressure will set in the spring river, franklin state performance is not stable at present, downs, and franklin in CBA has no experience in the playoffs, their performance to the playoffs may have more ups and downs,This means that Li needs to make more adjustments and put out more tactics to practice and adapt to the team. After all, this is the first time for the team to enter the playoffs under The leadership of Li Chunjiang, and the fans are also very concerned about it. It is not reasonable to fail to make a shot.Horse is Brooks is still in recovery, Du Feng expect to become empty, guangdong fourth champions league will be cool now everyone in the Spring Festival, but for guangdong, it is a different Spring Festival season guangdong is the first task of defending, and the team is also on many occasions shouted out to break the routine, realize the slogan of malaga, but from the point of the actual situation of the season,Guangdong to realize the defending this season can be said to be difficult, at present guangdong twenty – eight only fifth place in the CBA, and the fourth Chinese differs two games, in the third phase if they come up with enough good performance, so the regular season is likely to be rejected in the last four, so you need to play qualifying, in accordance with the state of guangdong now,It is very likely that there will be an upset situation, after all, this season in guangdong team has been upset many times.Guangdong meritorious service before the message says, the third stage, the foreign aid the horse is Brooks will be back to the team, for the fans is very happy, after all, the horse is Brooks’s ability in here, the master has the rhythm of kobe Bryant, last season in guangdong in 22 minutes excellent data can get 27.3 points, is very high,He shot an amazing 53% from the field, a solid performance from a super foreign aid, and if Marshawn Brooks returns, guangdong’s outside fire will be reignited, and the team will take off again.The reality is cruel, now during the Spring Festival, according to the CBA forefront weibo, according to ma shang Brooks is sent to the broad masses of fans during the Spring Festival blessing, also expressed his is still recovering, it clearly shows that the horse is Brooks also does not have to play, the third stage begins at the end of February, if the horse is Brooks can’t return,Then guangdong only depend on the current two foreign aid weems and lai, it is hard to take now guangdong to CBA finals stage, in the third stage, if Du Feng cannot take out efficient way to beat the team’s enthusiasm and strength, so they will be difficult in the playoffs, if could not enter the last four regular season, qualifying is likely to be a shock,Even after the successful qualifying, it is very difficult to defend the title, looking forward to the third stage of guangdong team can have a good foreign aid, otherwise, the fourth consecutive championship will be cool.

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