The bigger the more expensive the better?This kind of demand surge, network red provincial capital city large family mansion was crazy rob!

The real estate changes of COMPANY E are constantly evolving. What are the changes in the market?Recently, reporters from E company conducted field research on the real estate market in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Changsha and other 9 key cities to feel the real pulse of the market.From now on, e company has launched a column, a daily survey report on real estate in key cities, to entertain readers.The seventh chapter is about Changsha. In the past year, a “big flat floor fever” has been set off in this popular Internet city.Changsha, located in the “depression” of provincial capital housing price, has a relatively flat land price trend for most of the time, rising steadily in small fluctuations. At present, the mainstream price of commercial housing is about 10,000-16,000 yuan per square meter.However, “steady” word of Changsha real estate was at the end of last year, at the beginning of the year to improve the demand surge, set off a “large flat layer heat”, simply said that “the bigger the more expensive the better to sell”.A few days ago, reporters from E company visited and combed and found that a number of large flat floor real estate in Changsha have appeared the grand situation of 1000 lottery, among which the main high-end real estate even marked the price of nearly 25,000 yuan/square meter.Thus, Changsha general housing market to achieve a total price of ten million level breakthrough.
(Photo: Xuhui Boyue Xiangjiang Sand Table)
So, changsha real estate consumption improvement demand “hunger” is short-term imbalance between supply and demand or long-term trend, and will drive the overall housing price in Changsha against the trend of soaring?Fu Mulin, executive vice president of Hunan Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, said that it is not possible for changsha real estate to fluctuate greatly either due to external policy factors or internal urban characteristics and development direction. “I am cautiously optimistic about the future”.Most industry insiders believe that “large flat floor heat” is more to reflect the optimization of changsha real estate consumption structure.A few days ago, the reporter came to the star real estate Xuhui Platinum Yue Xiangjiang, the project is located in the core position of binjiang New City, is the subway gate real estate, is located in the subway line 4 Chazishan station 8, 9 entrance, subway line 6 in six ditch long station and line 4 transfer, close to the project.In terms of education, there are famous schools around the project, such as Bocai Xijiang Primary School, Haojiaping Primary School, Changjun Binjiang Middle School, Binjiang Affiliated School of Normal University, etc.On the commercial side, the project is adjacent to kaideyi Center, which covers an area of 120,000 square meters. There are also commercial buildings such as Fisherman’s Wharf, Poly MALL and Sam’s Club, Ochs Square and Xiangjiang Nine.Crerui data show that Xuhui Platinum Yue Xiangjiang first opened in December 2021, launched 220-370 square meters of large flat products, the cumulative transaction of about 87,000 square meters, the average transaction price of 24,699 yuan/square meter, than the surrounding real estate second-hand house price of about 9000 yuan/square meter high.The reporter saw that the luxurious decoration of the sales hall, to look at the house is not much, “because the house has been basically sold out, the basic left a few floors of the unit is not good,” the sales representative a face easily explained to the reporter: “the opening of about 400 suites, more than 500 people run to the lottery, you can only buy the next phase.”
(Photo: Xuhui Boyue Xiangjiang Sales Center) Also opened last year in Chengfa Hengwei yanghuying 2009 project, with a floor area of about 191 square meters and 322 square meters, two large flat apartments were quickly sold out as soon as they were listed.In mid-January, developers pushed more than 40 sets, and were once again sold out.In Yanghu ying2009, the reporter expressed the intention to see the house, a real estate consultant zhang said to the reporter: “there is no preferential measures to buy the house, buy not to buy to see luck.”See the reporter did not express a strong desire to buy, he did not have too much entanglement, since then also did not take the initiative to contact the reporter, it seems that the house is not “married”.It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of the end of last year, a number of medium and high large flat floor projects in Changsha were pushed to the plate intensively, while in the case of the outbreak of improvement demand, “Japanese CD” appeared frequently.Changsha data show that at the end of last year, binjiang Mansion 1913 large flat floor was approved, the main apartment building surface is about 197-238 square meters, a total of 440 houses can be sold, the cumulative approval of 1648 groups, the tenant ratio is close to 4:1;Pure new dish Changsha Yuet house launched 318 sets of housing, the price of 18,800 / square meter, the overall average price of 20,500 yuan/square meter, the total price of 400 thousand sets, a total of 1151 groups of recognition to participate in the lottery, after the first open Changsha Yuet house and push twice, still “hard to find a room”.In this jaw-dropping “flat” market, changsha consumers’ enthusiasm has also been fully mobilized, in order to obtain the purchase qualification, the developer’s requirements “at his word”.Li Jin (pseudonym) has won a bid for a high-end flat in central Changsha by a well-known real estate company, which was due to open in February.Property consultants initially offered Li 22,000 yuan to 25,000 yuan per square meter, but the developer plans to raise the price by 3,000 yuan per square meter as the market heats up.In addition, in order to sort out the lock customer group, developers also set up a 2 million capital inspection, to participate in the recognition of the first 200,000 yuan “sincerity gold” and other requirements.Eager to buy a house, Li Jin did one by one, but she was still worried, “finishing these is not to buy a house stable, but only to get the qualification to participate in the purchase, see how popular it is, it is estimated that there will be a lottery.”Now the opportunity of structural adjustment monitoring data from multiple channels shows that The real estate market in Changsha is welcoming the structural market with surging demand for improvement.On January 15, the National Bureau of Statistics released a report on the Changes in The Sales Prices of Commercial Housing in 70 Large and Medium-sized Cities in December 2021. Under the situation of weak national housing prices, the new house prices in Changsha rose by 0.3% in December compared with November and 7.5% compared with December 2020.
Compared with the average price in 2020, the price of new houses in Changsha rose by 9.4% in December 2021, ranking first in the country.According to the data, the biggest increase in new houses in Changsha last year was in the improvement area of more than 144 square meters.From the market, with the decoration of housing sources, houses, villas to improve the increase and booming sales, pulled up the overall price of Changsha.Crerui research report shows that in 2021, the market of large flat floor in Changsha will increase sharply, and the demand for landscape resources and quality improvement will form a hot pursuit for large flat floor.The newly added large flat layer is mainly concentrated in the strong resource-based plate on both sides of the Xiangjiang River, and the unit price of the project is about 1000-2000 yuan/square meter higher than the average price of the plate.The annual data show that the subscription rate of high-end projects is on the rise, and the demand for improvement over 160 square meters continues to expand.
From the perspective of developers, the proportion of unlimited land in Changsha has risen, and many high-quality lot projects have moderately increased profit margins. All aspects can be adapted to high-end products of housing enterprises.At present, the top products of Vanke, Xuhui, China Resources and Greentown in Changsha are all distributed along the river, and the products are a combination of modified + improved to meet the needs of different levels of customers.In addition, high-end products such as Vanke Zhenshi and Greentown Fengqi will enter the market in 2022.It is worth mentioning that last year, the overall supply of new houses in Changsha did not actually improve, the opening project declined by about 10%, the average reduction rate of 65%.Why is the housing market in Changsha adjusting the consumption structure at this time, from just demand to high-end demand transformation?Fu mulin said that Changsha has always been the provincial capital city housing price depression, less investment bubble, “the overall housing price downward space is not much, but there are many opportunities for upward.”One opportunity is for Changsha to continue its progress towards becoming a national central city.In March 2021, Hunan Province issued the outline of the “14th Five-year Plan”, again promoting Changsha to become a national central city.Subsequently, a number of hunan documents are proposed to speed up the promotion of this goal.Clari believes that under the guidance of policy, urban agglomerations and metropolitan areas are the general direction of future development. Urban agglomerations in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River will be promoted, the status of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan metropolitan area will be improved, and Changsha, as the core city of the metropolitan area, will welcome favorable development.At the same time, changsha as the provincial capital city to the real estate demand radiation;Changsha itself has the “network red city”, consumer city and other characteristics will promote the local housing market structure continued adjustment.Data show that changsha’s diversified industries continue to absorb population inflow. In 2020, changsha’s population will exceed 10 million, with the population growth rate ranking third in China and the proportion of people aged 15-59 ranking first in Hunan province. Changsha is the youngest city in Hunan, laying a good purchase foundation for the development of the property market.More importantly, the housing price to income ratio of Changsha has been on a downward trend over the years, and the housing price to income ratio will only be 6.7 years in 2020 according to the residents’ income. The overall pressure on residents to purchase a house is small. “Under the condition that the current purchase restriction policy is not loosened, more consumers are willing to choose large houses in one step.””Said the person.
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