Why was Naruto so bad that Orochimaru didn’t die in the end, but was whitewashed?

Osamu is quite a non-thing, I don’t know why anyone would be a fan of osamu, let’s look at his life and what he did.Oserparu was born in Kiba, is three generations of naruto ape fly’s apprentice, brought up to him, and special respect him.But the snake pill is not satisfied with this, secretly research forbidden art, several times three points to make a violation of the interests of the wood leaf village, was caught by the teacher ape fly, then the ape fly is not particularly old, have the strength to kill the snake pill on the spot, for the most beloved apprentice still can’t bear to start, leave his life out of the village.Betray the village of the snake pill from the leaf to learn everything to establish sound endure village, this is just, hard wings after he actually took people to attack him raise his leaf.His teacher ape fly forced to death, kidnapped Sasuke, sasuke was not sound on three views, was he more bad.Oroserpent-ball has been catching civilians to do evil experiments, all kinds of crazy chemical weapons experiments, yamato captain is oroserpent-ball with countless babies to do experiments, and ultimately did not reject the first generation of cells and survived the only ninja.His acts against humanity cannot be forgiven by any country or organization.Oserparu was a man who feared death so much that he placed incantation marks on many people for his own resurrection.With the third generation of huoying to the war to extract the soul of the terrible fear.The way he took Sasuke’s body was disgusting. The bodies and faces of so many men and women in Oserparu’s spiritual world are all signs of how he took the lives of others. This behavior is no different from that of Saru in Dragon Ball, who eats people.In reality, these actions of Ohsinomaru can be class-A war criminals, not to give a living.How could all this be written off just because the fourth War of Endurance ended with a little effort?Forced whitewashing is the author’s position, I absolutely do not recognize, but worse than the words, there are right-wing cartoonist Jian Shan Chuang, his painting “Attack of the Giant” after reading can put people out of the brain thrombosis.I think the right thing to do to Ohsinomaru is to let him die, and the death should not be tragic, it is a self-inflicted death.In Japan there are some educators, enlightened cartoonist, and director of villain has profound understand another shape, the villain’s behavior is evil, do the things is too, also must be the consequences of vicious, such a watch anime children can truly realize what is wrong what is evil, the villain must be killed, is to promote the justice,This is the three views established since the time of Osamu Tezuka.Wen: The Dragon Knight Sheru

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