Year six Linquan “volunteer red” send travel

Spring Festival travel small climax: Linquan “volunteer red” on the sixth day of the lunar New Year to send travel as the saying goes: “369, go out.”In the morning of February 6, linquan bus terminal, cars come and go.At the entrances and exits of urban and rural buses, passengers come in and out of the station in waves, and station staff and volunteers are busy and orderly directing passengers in and out of the station.Wang Xinhua is not only a young volunteer, but also an old volunteer from the charity association.She was busy telling departing passengers, “Please keep your mask on.””Please scan to exit the station.””Old man, if you don’t take mobile phone, please use ID card scan code out of the station.”The temperature is zero today.”Although it is very cold today, I feel warm because I am busy serving the passengers,” Wang said.Wang Liangliang, 21, a sophomore at Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, returned to Linquan for Spring Festival.He said that he has been volunteering for the “Warm Winter Campaign” for two consecutive years, serving passengers at high-speed railway stations and bus terminals. He felt happy that he could use his vacation to serve the society.Xie Mengyu, a senior college student volunteer, participated in the organization and liaison work of warm winter volunteer service of Linquan bus terminal this year.Talking about the performance of the college volunteers, she said that they all performed very well.Everyone is actively involved in the work, and every day on time, serious and responsible, and can timely respond to and deal with some emergencies.For a long time outdoor work, in order to cope with the cold weather, we are wearing very thick clothes, some still wear warm baby on the hand.Working for 5 hours straight and all standing up, your feet get cold easily, so you move around to keep out the cold.Due to the large number of passengers, volunteers are wearing masks, gloves and masks to ensure safety.

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