High blood pressure can also occur at a young age. If you don’t pay attention to these five factors, high blood pressure can also catch up with you

High blood pressure is especially prevalent today, affecting one in four adults and more than one billion people worldwide.In the past, hypertension is a kind of senile disease, but in recent years, there is a trend of younger people, which is closely related to bad living habits and work and rest habits.Therefore, to prevent young people from suffering from high blood pressure, it is necessary to improve bad living habits and work habits.Why do you get high blood pressure at a young age?1, like eating outside in order to save time, also in order to more convenient, there are many young people don’t like cooking at home to eat, but eat out all the year round, what does not know the outside food mostly belongs to high in salt and oil food, because only in this way can the food tastes more sweet, the passage of time will have a large number of accumulation of sodium in the body, eventually make the pressure of the blood vessels,Lead to the occurrence of high blood pressure, so young people should try to cook at home, and keep the principle of less oil and salt.2, with the progress of life under pressure, speed up the pace of life a lot, so everyone pressure is in constant increase, resulting in young people are often in great pressure, cause insomnia, depression, and so on and so forth have occurred repeatedly, so that the endocrine problems, make angiotensin production increase, prompted vasoconstriction,Over time, this can lead to increased blood pressure, so young people should learn to release their stress, such as listening to music or running.Many young people have the habit of drinking and smoking outside in order to finish their work better or to get together with their friends.What does not know the nicotine among cigarettes and the material such as carbon monoxide, can make the resistance of blood flow increase, bring about the occurrence of hypertension, and alcohol can cause stimulation to blood vessel likewise, make blood vessel harden brittle, increase the occurrence of hypertension.4, fat fat people in constant increase, now this was related with the improvement of living conditions, and obesity is one of the factor which causes many diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, etc., and obese people appetite is large, and at the same time like an important taste of food, the passage of time will become a flashpoint for high blood pressure.In addition, the metabolic rate of obese people is relatively slow, endocrine function is also relatively poor, so it is easy to suffer from hypertension.Nowadays, most young people have the habit of staying up late. Some of them are in order to work overtime, others are in order to watch TV series or play games.It is unknown that often stay up late will lead to the human body in a state of insufficient sleep, so that the nerve is in a state of tension, prompting blood vessels in a state of contraction, will eventually lead to increased blood pressure, over time will form hypertension disease, so young people should try to avoid staying up late, develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early.Warm prompt wants to avoid suffering from high blood pressure, young people pay special attention to in every aspect, will try to cook at home to eat first, then learn to release their stress, and people with drinking and smoking habits to timely give up smoking, drinking and fat people to timely to reduce weight, recommend through exercise to lose weight, have certain auxiliary function to prevent hypertension,In addition, avoid staying up late. The number of staying up late should not be more than twice a week.Family doctor online special article, shall not be reproduced without authorization

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