Ningxia Yinchuan Oil City that thing 3: Yan Ge Lake, the harbor in the heart of oil, the real home

Explore the little-known culture of Ningxia and tell you the history of Ningxia that you are not familiar with. I am Ah Wei!Bring you a different Ningxia style!Legend of Big Yinchuan Is full of stories, but listen to me.Sigh the past, thousands of years gone.Yinchuan oil city that thing third set: ningxia oil man’s spirit and reality home foreword: a wei wrote “oil city that thing” after 1,2 sets, a lot of official feedback all say this is wrong that is wrong.In fact, don’t worry, because if you want to tell the whole story of Oil City in one article, there are not tens of thousands of words, but it is not realistic.So Avi had to break up the bits and pieces in an episode, and put them all together to make a whole Oil City thing!As for you have the patience to finish reading, this does not know, anyway, AH Wei will always write!There is a swallow pigeon Lake in the oil town in the east of Yinchuan city, which has become a harbor in the heart of ningxia oil industry!Ningxia oilmen are just like migratory birds. No matter where they are, even if they are thousands of miles away, they all know that their home is in The Swallow Pigeon Lake. Where there is swallow Pigeon Lake is home!In other words, Yan Ge Lake has become the pronoun of Yinchuan Oil City!2 Ningxia’s oil exploration started early, but not on a large scale.At that time, Yumen Oilfield had already passed its heyday. With the rise of Changqing Oilfield, the state also turned its attention to Ningxia, which also belongs to the northwest.So a batch of oil men came to Ningxia, in ningxia around the oil exploration survey and other preliminary work.At that time, oilmen scattered throughout Ningxia, it can be said that is busy, and rootless duckweed general swaying.This also brings a lot of inconvenience to oil man’s life, work and many other aspects.Later, the superior took a fancy to the current location of the oil city.Oil city is located in the throat of yinchuan city east, before, from Yinchuan city to the east across the Yellow River, here is the only way, so the location is superior, convenient transportation, the most key is the place is big enough.When I first came to the oil city, most of the location is lake, several lakes connected together, the largest lake is called Swallow Pigeon Lake, next to a swallow pigeon lake village.The vanguard troops of the oil men were stationed in the Village of Yan Ge Lake and began the construction work of the oil city in full swing.It coincides with the construction of yinchuan Yingu Road (high speed) and Yellow River Bridge.The construction of these transportation hubs also speeds up the pace of oil city construction.People from the east of the river to fill the sand lake, the swallow pigeon Lake around the oil city.Pigeon Lake is now part of the oil city.So don’t think that what you see now is what it used to be, it’s less than half of what it used to be.Who can imagine, the original Yan Ge Lake deep grass, water area is very large, when really Sha Ou Xiangji, sparkling appearance?This is afraid only the old Yinchuan people have seen it once spectacular appearance.The construction of oil city is accompanied by the construction of Yinchuan City, slowly, the oil city has become an inseparable part of Yinchuan City!3 later, yan pigeons, along with the development of infrastructure around the lake are springing up going residential building, oilman everywhere also move to live in the here, like LingWu several big city (of city, shajing town, etc.), ma beach, nine kilometers, 18 kilometers, oil workers of the work of the place such as tai moved to this comfortable place, started a new life.In short, it has also become a good place for generations of Oilmen in Ningxia to settle down, marry and have children, retire and retire.Pigeon Lake is a witness to these beautiful moments, people’s leisure time is the most like to stroll along the lake, entertainment, play.For hundreds of years, the lake has been a haven for migratory birds.Nowadays, it has become the harbor of mind and body of ningxia oil people.Now the Swallow pigeon Lake is still very beautiful, under the construction and maintenance of oil men, showing a beautiful picture of harmony between people and nature!It has become a paradise for many photography lovers!People come here to watch birds, birds, not happy!4 Don’t think the name oil city, the people here are only engaged in oil related work.Those who are familiar with Ningxia will find an interesting phenomenon that there are many farms in Ningxia with such words as “Changqing Oilfield Yange Lake XXX” on the prefix.It can be said that “Swallow pigeon Lake” these three words, has become deep in the heart of ningxia oil a few words, indelible.If it’s oil, why is it farms?This is a bit complicated to say, if I have to explain it in detail, a piece of cloth is too short.But to put it more simply, the oil system was an independent system, and in those days supplies were self-contained, not local.But because it is on the local level, it is necessary to use local agricultural facilities.Every place needs a name, because it’s a matter of belonging.So the listing is of course to hang the brand of oil, since as a representative and symbol, “swallow dove Lake” three words are indispensable.This also let “swallow dove lake” three words spread widely!Yange Lake = oil city, which has become the consensus of ningxia oil people!In addition, the farm is also a diversion of oil workers, whether families or oil workers, need a place to stay;And the children of oil men also need schools to study. They can’t have their parents working in another place while their children go to school alone, right?So the children’s school came into being.This is also a sign of The Times!Because a lot of factories of that time and unit, it is to have oneself special children school and recreational recreational place!Therefore, although oil is only a unit, but in its various components, it also seems to have all the functions of a city, all kinds of cultural and entertainment facilities are complete.Let the people who live here enjoy everything that a city should have.5 After all the components were moved to the current location of the swallow Pigeon Lake, it became even stronger.Therefore, after the completion of the oil base of Pigeon Lake, people called it “city”. In this way, the “oil city” was called and was born!As the saying goes: New city, old city, oil city, independent city!If you haven’t been to Oil City yet, make some time to visit.The next set is more exciting, please pay attention to ah Wei “Yinchuan oil City that thing” series article 4!This is Yinchuan!Discover the beauty of Yinchuan, feel the beauty of Yinchuan!I am a wei, with warm words, turn over dusty memories, record yinchuan’s human history!Thanks for reading!Ningxia Yinchuan oil City that thing 1: first know Yinchuan oil city, some chaos?Ningxia Yinchuan oil city that thing 2: there is a lake in the oil city, called Swallow dove Lake or goose dove Lake?

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