Fenghuang Township: We will not relax our efforts in epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival

Yueyang Evening News all media news (correspondent Song Yu) Epidemic is the command, prevention and control is responsibility.In order to ensure the safety and health of the people, Yuanyang Qu Yuan management district fenghuang Township multiple measures to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control publicity work “highlight”, to win the epidemic prevention and control battle to lay a solid mass foundation.Prevention and control measures are strictly implemented.Action is the best publicity.During the Spring Festival, a large number of people returned home, and the prevention and control situation was grim.Fenghuang township in accordance with the requirements of the implementation of detailed prevention and control measures, to return to the management of the platoon, check health code, itinerary code, etc..Home quarantine households will be informed by labeling, and health centers will arrange medical staff to conduct on-site physical examination services.At the same time, we will strictly implement the on-duty duty system at the rural and rural levels to ensure regular epidemic prevention and control.The way of publicity is “multiple”.Efforts have been made to strengthen publicity on prevention and control through the “online + offline” mode of hanging banners, Posting notices, broadcasting in villages and wechat groups.Through timely release of epidemic prevention knowledge and official information, the public should be guided to correctly understand the basic knowledge of epidemic prevention and do not believe or spread rumors.Prevention and control supervision covers all areas.In recent days, the organization of township political and legal lines, the township commission for discipline inspection and customs office and other relevant departments of the staff to form an inspection group into the area of field supervision of the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures.Up to now, the township in view of the recent red and white wedding banquet to do the situation, the organization of door-to-door counseling, a total of 6 funerals, new marriage to do 4, counseling suspended more than 5, counseling 38 people.The next step, Phoenix township will closely follow the key link, in-depth compaction responsibility, fully do a good job of external input, internal rebound, people and things with prevention, so that soil responsibility, soil responsibility, soil responsibility, defend the epidemic prevention and control at the grass-roots line of defense.

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