Zero run C11 map exposure 100 km acceleration time 4.8s

Recently, we have obtained the application picture of the zero-run C11 performance version from relevant channels.As the top model of zero-run C11, zero-run C11 performance version is equipped with front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive system, with an acceleration time of 4.8s.Zero run C11 performance edition in modeling and in the sale of luxury edition and premium edition basically keep the same.As the first model built with zero-run C architecture, zero-run C11 is positioned as a pure electric medium-sized SUV, with a length, width and height of 4750*1905*1650mm and a wheelbase of 2930mm.Power part, zero-run C11 performance version adopts dual-motor four-wheel drive layout, in which the dual-motor four-wheel drive model has a maximum power of 400kW and a peak torque of 720N·m.The new car is equipped with 90kWh ternary lithium battery, NEDC range of 550N·m, 0-100km/s acceleration time of 4.8s.Dc quick charge time of 30% to 80% power is only 36 minutes.

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