After Chiang kai-shek’s defeat, the Chiang family once dominated Taiwan. What made it gradually fall apart

In 1988, terminally ill Chiang Ching-kuo was lying in a hospital bed. He lost all of his former dignity and wondered what he was thinking until Lee Teng-hui appeared beside him and said, “Mr. Chiang, I have come to see you.””It’s you, Deng Hui. How is the situation recently? Is there any problem within the party?””Sir,” Chiang Ching-kuo asked, “everything in the Party is all right. At first, some people didn’t agree with your decision to appoint me as the party leader. But all the problems have been solved smoothly.Chiang Ching-kuo listened and smiled, but no one noticed the bitterness on his mouth. After a few pleasantries, he let Lee teng-hui leave.(Chiang Ching-kuo) The Chiang family has always followed the system of blood succession and why would there be a foreigner to inherit their position?What happened to the descendants of the Chiang family who failed to inherit the family business?How did the Chiang family develop so far?Today we will learn how the Chiang family fell from the top to the bottom.Native and conflict, the KMT is not popular since new China was founded in 1949, the contradiction between the two parties’ more and more, and originally is the struggle between the two parties also because of Chiang kai-shek retreated to Taiwan into a struggle between two different regime, although the emergence of this situation with Chiang kai-shek, a series of operation can’t get away,But at the same time, it was not without the “credit” of western countries led by the United States. In 1949, Taiwan was completely occupied by the Kuomintang regime established by Chiang Kai-shek, coupled with the help of the United States, for a time, the relationship between Taiwan and the mainland was originally “mother and child” suddenly turned into “enemies”.When Taiwan can actually see the kuomintang has not live long, but have to say is, in the early of the kuomintang regime in Taiwan with the help of the United States for the time of the new China really a lot of negative effects, but also there is no denying the fact that the negative effect didn’t last long, after that the kuomintang has lost the possibility of get back to peak,In the following years, the kuomintang gradually died out, mainly because it could not play the political “card”.Actually know Taiwan before Chiang kai-shek had already, in the face of the communist party, the kuomintang is doomed to failure, but Chiang kai-shek didn’t give up resistance, 1949 huai hai campaign after the failure of Chiang knew that he was already unable to keep his position, he appointed a jiang, chairman of Taiwan in order to be able to give the temporary economic help, to gain a foothold in Taiwan, the kuomintangOn the road, Chiang Kai-shek, under the guise of currency reform, transported to Taiwan the few hard currency coins remaining in the state Treasury, such as silver, gold and so on.(village) as soon as possible after the defeat, they followed Chiang kai-shek from the mainland to Taiwan’s social people from all walks of life for more than 1.2 million people, it’s a big number for Taiwan, with the support of this group of people, coupled with the temporary paved roads, Chiang kai-shek quickly in Taiwan have their own strength, has become the legitimate leader of the Taiwan province,But it has to be said that although Chiang Kai-shek had taken Taiwan on paper, the people who followed Him to Taiwan did not think so either.After all, what they had been thinking about from beginning to end was when they would return to the mainland, not playing house with Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan. Fortunately, Chiang Kai-shek also thought of this and gave them many preferential policies, so that they could stay honest in Taiwan.At the same time, Chiang saw demonstrations of force as essential to bringing Taiwan under his command, and he imposed martial law for 38 years, during which the Nationalists slaughtered thousands of people in what many called a massacre.Chiang kai-shek’s massacres, while highly disagreeable, were not the main reason for the KMT’s decline.The main reason was that the KMT’s treatment of Taiwan’s aborigines and later immigrants was too obvious.After arriving in Taiwan, the kuomintang (KMT), in order to settle those who follow their fled to Taiwan from the mainland people to build a house and a house, the houses are built of group was to become a “village” as soon as possible, although they do this with original intention is good, but this behavior is also inadvertently to Taiwan local residents and visitors.And because both sides before that there is no any communication, coupled with the living environment, cultural differences and differences in language communication, let both sides have no opportunity to communicate, communication and integration, the passage of time in the village as soon as possible is completely lost communication with the native idea, completely satisfied with the present closed areas of life.(village) as soon as possible in the village as soon as possible with the Chiang family idea also have difference in nature, though they don’t agree with our party, but they also did not forget his “loyal to the republic of” mandate of heaven, so also appeared in the village as soon as possible the people against the kuomintang (KMT), Taiwan independence to establish the new idea of the country, Taiwan is just a necessity choice in their eyes a temporary living place,In the near future, they will still return to the mainland. They have no idea that they are outsiders, so there is no need to show good face to the locals in Taiwan Province. Both camps refuse to communicate with each other, which naturally leads to tension between the two sides.In addition, the Policies of the Kuomintang were fundamentally different from those of local people and those from other provinces. Even the entrance examination was given priority to those from other provinces, which made the aborigines of Taiwan province very angry. The aborigines of Taiwan Province actually had the opposite idea with the Kuomintang.As early as in 1945 when the people in Taiwan will think that you can finally get rid of the life back to the motherland bosom of controlled by others, for they also went to mainland to celebrate, knowledge of the kuomintang (KMT), they also is not deep enough, when the kuomintang (KMT), went to Taiwan when they thought it was to save them, very welcome to travel to Taiwan, the kuomintangBut what the KMT did was a blow to them.In fact it is not difficult to see the Taiwan people for Chiang kai-shek didn’t make any sense, even if later the kuomintang (KMT), with the help of the United States to return to the mainland, it is also the mainlander can return to nanjing liking. As for Taiwan is just the place where they rest, not to mention the interests of their own hands to the people of Taiwan,In fact, the people of Taiwan province also rebelled against their unfair treatment, the most famous of which was the February 28 incident.Authoritarian rule in order to resist Japan, for its own fight for the basic rights and interests, due to the Taiwan people’s late February in 1947 launched the “228 uprising”, but they didn’t let in quick success when Chiang kai-shek should stand out and sent troops to suppress the uprising, this let the people of the kuomintang in Taiwan have a preliminary judgment.It also proved that the KMT had become an unpopular leadership with no future at all.(in the village head big boy as soon as possible) mutations in the international situation, the kuomintang (KMT) lost the last “recovering the mainland” straw after the war, the communist party of China to rely on their own efforts and the help of the Soviet union had fallen on his feet, in contrast, the kuomintang (KMT), but not so good luck, although in 1949 the United States has a certain blockade on China,He tried many times to prevent China from recovering Taiwan, but compared with the confrontation between China and the Kuomintang, the United States focused more on the invasion of Europe. In his opinion, China at that time only had a certain strength for self-protection, but could not compete with the United States.Let alone later in 1972, china-us relations of Nixon’s visit to Japan also began to ease the relationship between the mainland and actively, and to establish diplomatic ties with China, at all events the KMT initially think of “recovering the mainland” plans to become a bubble, and is their long-term, used for coaxing Taiwan provincial personnel reasons stand footing,At the same time, the local residents of Taiwan also realized this point, after the KMT completely plunged into crisis.Until the death of Chiang kai-shek and Chiang ching-kuo, superior after Chiang ching-kuo on the start of political reform and economic development, is now the province of the people together, hold the hearts and minds, but Chiang ching-kuo one’s power and how to compete with the international trend of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and America has confirmed the kuomintang after no more “recovering the mainland”.The term “recovering the mainland” stand after heel, Taiwan province is not only the anti-communist calls for more and more small, the democratization also is able to quickly into the new thoughts, such as various parties emerge in endlessly, especially the democratic progressive party (DPP), after the development in Taiwan province has almost the same the kuomintang (KMT), even more than the KMT’s momentum.Chiang’s third generation of hard to succeed, a variety of obsolete glory in losing Taiwan, Chiang kai-shek Chiang family is a prosperous family, Chiang ching-kuo with three son one female, were Chiang hsiao-wen, alex Chiang, Chiang hsiao-yung, Chiang hsiao-chang, for their grandchildren, Chiang kai-shek had been spoiled, and Chiang ching-kuo to their evaluation is only in the confused, insane,Lovely, never said any one can take over the Chiang family in the future in the hands of big burden, but after all they are Chiang’s own flesh and blood, especially Chiang hsiao-wen, or the Chiang family office grandson, both Chiang kai-shek and Chiang ching-kuo are projected to him, hope in the future, Chiang hsiao-wen is able to carry the banner of Chiang’s, but counterproductive, because the doting of Chiang hsiao-wenWas very clever Chiang hsiao-wen completely become a dude, character is very bad, when I was a child I grew up is indulged beauty, unlearned, every day in karaoke bars, dance hall, as for grades even don’t want to think, is very poor, when Chiang ching-kuo reprimanded after Chiang hsiao-wen want Chiang hsiao-wen Chiang kai-shek will be acted to prevent back on track.In order to remove obstacles on the way to Jiang Xiaowen, Jiang Jingguo is wasted, but Jiang Xiaowen does not eat this set, is not willing to learn to go to Kang Zhuang road.But even so, Jiang Jingguo did not give up cultivating Jiang Xiaowen, as long as there is a chance to persuade him to let him study hard, until there was a mistake made by Jiang Xiaowen to let Jiang Jingguo understand, Jiang Xiaowen had no chance to become the third-generation leader of the Jiang family.One night, Jiang Jingguo busy after business back home to see Jiang Xiaowen sitting on the sofa playing with a thing, originally he did not pay attention to, when he was ready to come forward to persuade his son this useless but found Jiang Xiaowen hand in the thing aimed at himself, “it turned out to be a revolver!”This frightened Chiang Ching-kuo, he quickly avoided the direction of the muzzle, around the front of Chiang Hsiao-wen to grab the gun, and then severely gave Chiang Hsiao-wen a slap, after the end of his anger, and after a slap scolded: “You are useless things, this is a gun!Is to be able to play casually, if you don’t listen to the finger, later you have no Lao Tze!”(Chiang ching-kuo Chiang hsiao-wen) thought it so in the past, Chiang hsiao-wen will admit, I didn’t think Chiang hsiao-wen rather than mistake still there big shout shout, cry and let Chiang ching-kuo returned the gun to yourself, that’s my grandpa to own, a sound after Chiang ching-kuo’s wife also hurried out explained that this is indeed a Chiang kai-shek to Chiang hsiao-wen,After listening to Jiang Jingguo can only very helpless to the gun back to Jiang Xiaowen, but this thing is not over, a few days later Jiang Xiaowen accidentally shot and wounded The bodyguard of Jiang Jingguo, let the family lifelong disability, the day of the jiang family big son shot and wounded the guard news hit the headlines.Although Jiang Jingguo tried to help Jiang Xiaowen press down the news, but it was useless, but intensified, and later even evolved into a conflict between Jiang Xiaowen and the bodyguard, bullying the guards, in order to appease public opinion and protect Jiang Xiaowen, Jiang Jingguo had to send him to the United States to “study”.After arriving in the United States, Jiang xiaowen lost all discipline and spent his days dancing and drinking. Before long, he broke down and became a complete wreck.(Chiang hsiao-wu) after Chiang hsiao-wen thoroughly exhausted, Chiang ching-kuo began to develop his second son, it will have to boast Chiang ching-kuo smart, though they all make Chiang hsiao-wen Chiang’s successor to cultivate, falling but somehow there is no other sons, but Chiang hsiao-wu and Chiang hsiao-wen is no different, indeed stubborn personality, his father and grandfather as a supporter,They often moved out to support themselves, until Song Meiling came forward to send him to Germany to study.Fortunately, Jiang Xiaowu was different from Jiang Xiaowen. After going abroad, he began to study hard. With the passage of time, he became increasingly interested in politics, got rid of the playboy image in the past, began to study seriously and was very ambitious.After returning to China, he began to think of a career in politics, but Chiang Ching-kuo did not give up on Chiang Hsiao-wen.Until jiang Xiaowen became a disabled man in bed after he thought of him, but did not think of Jiang Xiaowu and make a “Jiangnan assassination”, this jiang Xiaowu did not do anything to lose the chance to continue to stay in politics.(Chiang hsiao-yung) three son, Chiang ching-kuo Chiang hsiao-yung from beginning to end didn’t want to go into politics, it is very interested in the business, then also wish to become a businessman, live a comfortable life, since then the Chiang family three roots cannot inherit his possessions, and Chiang ching-kuo is before his death became the heir to the military had to Mr. Lee,From the kuomintang (KMT), established at the end of the Chiang family, Chiang family experienced the peak finally dropped to the bottom, if there are many objective factors, many say not to come over, but the most important is they don’t know how to be a good one from a political party, didn’t get over the people, in contrast, the communist party, all along in the interests of the people, for the sake of the broad masses of ordinary people,Why would such a party not prosper forever?is

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