Formula 1 legend Kimi Raikkonen!Iceman fans all over the world. Kimi: I wonder why the fans like me

Kimi Raikkonen, who will retire at the end of the 2021 season, is one of the hottest drivers in Formula One history, with a huge fan base around the world.Kimi has raced 349 gran prix in his long career since making his debut for Sauber in 2001 and would have become the first driver to reach 350 career starts had the pandemic not kept him out of races in 2021.When Kimi joined McLaren in 2002, he was nicknamed the Iceman by Dennis McLaren, then McLaren team leader, and became a household name in the racing world.”I don’t know why they like me at all.”Kimi said in an interview.”Maybe it’s because I’m being myself?And keep doing this weird, weird behavior?You can call it what you want!”He continued, “The way I look is very normal to me, but to the outside world, they don’t necessarily understand me.””But WHAT I can say out loud is that I’ve always done things my way.Of course sometimes it doesn’t go my way, especially at the beginning of my career, when people tell me I have to do this and do that.But I didn’t give in, and they kind of gave up, knowing there was nothing they could do to change me.”For Kimi, he came to formula One’s highest level of racing purely to drive, and everything else was a distraction.But with formula One’s current business model, no driver can really avoid any media activity, even if you’re Kimi.Kimi, however, is the only one who remains true to her nature and uses her true self to tackle these challenges.Kimi once said, “Leave me alone, I know what I am doing!”Don’t bother me!I know what to do!”Kimi said to his engineer at the ABU Dhabi Grand Prix in 2012, when he was in the lead, which he eventually won.Such an aggressive line became one of Kimi’s most famous quotes, and it has since become so popular that it appears on hats, clothes and everything else.But when Kimi was asked how important his words were to the game, he said it was a small part of the game, not the main reason for his victory.”We won that game and it will be remembered all the more.The people who were there knew the truth. They knew that was not my intention. I was just trying to do what I had to do.Winning a game isn’t just a matter of doing something small, it’s doing everything Friday through Sunday to have a chance.So I don’t have a lot of feelings about that, good or bad.”

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