Ye Fei, the founding general, recalled the night before the Battle of Huangqiao with Chen Yi

Bed night talk back to that unforgettable night.Mister Chen’s command post is located in Old Ye Zhuang.Our army defeated He Keqian’s attack, and Comrade Su Yu came to the front with the two columns.It should be said: All is well, the game is set.Here is near the river and sea plain, cool and pleasant at night, Mr. Chen asked me to have a candle talk.Comrade Chen Yi said gravely: “Your sixth regiment is not simple, the agrarian revolution exercises out, the party’s essence!These old soldiers were so close to death and so experienced in the struggle that every man could lead a company or a battalion.If we throw such troops away from the Kuomintang, we will be condemned by history!”I had not expected him to be so serious at first, and his heart sank.I understand Mr. Chen to the battle of Guo Village there are words to say to me, but this war is not I reckless to fight up, rather feel wronged.At that time, banta set to help, Comrade Shaoqi face-to-face advice, how to decide to transfer to Guo Village, and later determined to defend Guo village and combat situation one by one.When COMRADE Chen Yi heard my report on Comrade Shaoqi’s analysis of the current national situation and the characteristics of Central China, he m ‘ama.When talking about the leadership of the War of Resistance against Japan and the future of the Chinese revolution, Comrade Chen Yi chain-smoked passionately.When I say to comrade liu shaoqi analysis in stalemate, to develop people’s power, is also to ensure the victory of Anti-Japanese War not only for the future of the Chinese revolution after the war of resistance, feel the same way to the command of comrade Chen yi said: “the new fourth army to the south has been late, armed to ‘loyalty to save, to go to catch subei also give Han Deqin, ming-yang li caught hand, we have to seek development under the anti friction.Subei our army force thin and I was determined to focus our troops to the north, it just have to let go of the development of the condition of “once I listen to this, the feel of comrade Chen yi and comrade liu shaoqi for” open subei development of central China, “thought is consistent, and have specific plans, early in 1938 sent into columns of the dragon control HSS horses, bridge jiangdu county area in the north of the long and narrow area,As a bridge to the north of the river development position.Comrade Chen Yi heaved a sigh of relief and said: “Guo cun is fighting! Ye Fei, I’m really worried!”I told Comrade Chen Yi that when we arrived at Guo Village, we had thrown two Li to the side, ready to attack me, but it was two Li instead!Old manager Chen smiled: “Han Deloitte learned Chiang Kai-shek’s hand, with miscellaneous army vanguard.If both lose, he gains.”Mister Chen made it clear that hu fu did not call me to play two li, I do not want to play two li, since forced to come, is should play.Win, the situation is good;If you hit me too hard, it’ll be bad.According to the central government’s rational, advantageous and restrained policy, he decided not to fight taizhou’s plan, and fought and dragged li and Li.Comrade Chen Yi suddenly asked: “Why do you say jiangnan is an opportunistic line?”I leng.Comrade Chen Yi asked directly, “Why didn’t you reply to my telegram?” I said, “Of course I did.’, the thing is: reinforcements BanDaJi come back, I convey to the column and special leading comrades of the comrade liu shaoqi’s instructions, will soon receive a telegram, the command of comrade Chen yi stern, asked why I came back from BanDaJi said jiangnan is to perform right opportunism, want me to answer: how to against the command of comrade Chen yi’s central?When I received the telegram, I was a little at a loss what to say;Also a little angry, how to make such a thing to come?It is difficult to say clearly in the telegram, ready to cross the river when facing Mr. Chen report but to jiangnan a trip back and forth to ten days and half a month, the Japanese aggressors “mup”, Li Changjiang provocation, it is impossible to leave for so long, the war together, also ignore, also did not return the telegram to explain this matter.Now, to come straight to the point, I will take this opportunity to say: “I conveyed comrade Hu Fu’s instructions very clearly. He said that Comrade Chen Yi fought against comrade Xiang Ying’s mistake and was different from that of Comrade Xiang Ying.He also said that instead of following Comrade Xiang Ying’s instructions, Comrade Chen Yi was following the Central Line by trying to develop to the east and north.”Mister Chen felt deeply said: “I am two legitimate, two illegal in order to obtain the development of the revolutionary cause, often to legal cover illegal”.I have experienced this.In the east we should use the banner of Jiang Kang and in the north we should use the banner of Ting Zong.I had to change my name to “Ye Shen” and “Nie Yang”, ask for a long vacation from the third theater, and join a new sixth Regiment.Even so, comrade Xiang Ying ran the risk of being “illegal”.I know Mister Chen is painstaking.Mister Chen was a little excited, he said: “Jiangnan has not appointed the county magistrate, this is not to carry out the instructions of Southern Anhui, nor I Chen Yi dare not do so!A: I know Mr.Chen s aggressive temper.He sees far and sees the whole;And thoughtful and thoughtful.Mister Chen took two deep puffs on his cigarette and calmed down.”It’s not the form, it’s the content,” he said.In Maoshan, an anti-enemy general assembly was established with the participation of representatives from all walks of life, which was semi-political in nature.After opening Yang Zhong, Comrade Xiang Ying asked us to accept the KMT sent to the county magistrate, Han Deloitte sent to a, Leng Xin also sent to a.I scared them away by saying I couldn’t guarantee their safety and set up our Yangzhong office.It depends on the situation.”Comrade Chen Yi is very strict.He never told his subordinates about the wrong line of the new Fourth Army leadership, nor about the contradictions between himself and Xiang Ying.I felt something before I went east, but I couldn’t ask.Now.He knew I knew something, so he opened up.Mister Chen threw up a cigarette, looking at the smoke circle dispersed, heaved a sigh and said: “now it is good, and the central direct bulletin” Bereaved looking at Mister Chen, feel happy for him, but also a little disappointed, think of the telegram he gave me……….Mister Chen seems to know what I think, relieved to say: “someone hit your report, say you say so.Since I arrived in Guoxun, I have made it clear that you have made no mistakes not only politically but also organizationally.The matter is clear, it is over, you, also don’t ask who is the report.”I know, Mr. Chen pays great attention to party unity, even if I ask, he will not tell me, I did not ask.Late at night, I stayed in bed with Mr. Chen.Autumn wind, static no voice, but MY heart ups and downs, a long time can not sleep.In the evening talk with Old Ye Zhuang, I reported hu Fu’s instructions and everything I had done since I returned from banta Ji, which not only relieved Comrade Chen Yi’s misunderstanding of me, but also inadvertently deepened comrade Chen Yi’s understanding of Comrade Shaoqi.Later, I have a chance to read the comrade Chen yi in the seventh National Congress of the Communist Party of China’s deep sincere speech, in which, when speaking of comrade liu shaoqi, he said: “comrade liu shaoqi on behalf of the central south, to the central executive chairman MAO’s proposition”, “his work is not much, but do two main things, for global solves the significant problems.One thing is for anti friction, called on the new fourth army and the party has carried on the defensive war, routed the attack of the kuomintang, against the second anti-communism climax, is part of China rushed in the new fourth army cadres, and even many comrades of the die-hards mental yield, did not dare to resist, dare not to shoot them, shake the hesitation, afraid to damage the united front, again afraid dozen don’t win, from the spiritual liberation.You put your baggage down and you’re free.In this way, we will dare to fight the die-hards and win the battle.This is a big key.Some people were afraid of fighting die-hards, damaging the united front, being shouted at outside the party, being criticized within the Party, and being afraid that the Kuomintang army would be too large and the New Fourth Army would be too weak to win.Comrade Shaoqi went down to the south to answer this question, with great encouragement that we must fight, that we must fight, and that we must win.Now it is easy to talk about, it is easy to solve, but when it comes to this problem then, my mind will be feverish, I will not be able to sleep, and I will not be able to solve it. This is where the failure lies, and I will disarm myself mentally.”Comrade Chen Yi also said that Comrade Shaoqi did another main thing is: “millions of people started, the implementation of rent reduction and interest reduction, the establishment of the Anti-japanese democratic regime.” Here is not excerpted Comrade Shaoqi to Mr. Chen is also convinced, August 2 called Chen Yi and reported MAO, Zhu, Wang in the telegram,He clearly stated: “You will assume the unified command of all units in northern Jiangsu (including the troops of the eighth Route Army heading south and the four or five battalions supported by the river crossing) in the future.”In the report “Present Situation, Basic Summary of our Party and Army’s Three Years’ Work in Central China and Future Tasks” delivered at the first enlarged meeting of the Central China Bureau in February 1942, Comrade Shaoqi evaluated the work in southern Jiangsu, saying: “Our army has been active in southern Jiangsu for the longest time, and under the leadership of Comrade Chen Yi,From the very beginning, they correctly carried out the central government’s policy of united front and the policy of establishing base areas behind enemy lines and developing anti-japanese armed forces.As a result, our troops in the south of jiangsu has made great development, and constantly in the fight against the Japanese aggressors, established the good faith among the masses, partially improved the life of the masses, organized part of the crowd, and shangdi is established by the anti-japanese democratic regime, until now all levels of people in the south of jiangsu is the support of our army, or to our sympathy.”Old Ye Zhuang Chen and I sleep together, I will always remember in my heart, this is indeed the communist mind frank and sincere meeting, comrade deep friendship

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