For short women, don’t worry too much about what to wear. Take a lesson from this Japanese housewife and dress elegantly to look taller

Hi, fairies, hello!For short women, it’s all about dressing to look tall, right?In fact, there is no need to worry too much, as long as you know how to master certain dressing skills, you can make yourself look very tall.Next, let’s follow The footsteps of Lily and have a look at this Japanese housewife. She is also a short woman, but she improves her height by dressing up. Women who don’t know how to dress can learn from her, dress elegantly and look tall!One: should choose fabrics to hang down the bottom outfit with good feeling to short woman, dress dress really need not too worry, want you to know to use certain tie-in skill only, so all the same can present a tall feeling to the person on the vision.Especially in the choice of lower clothes, we must pay more attention to the texture of the fabric and the sense of hanging, choose the lower clothes with a better sense of hanging to wear, whether it is a skirt, or pants, the upper body will be very good to elongate the leg lines.Draw lessons from this small Housewife in Japan to know that black suit pants, fabric hanging feeling excellent, even some of the style to the ground, do not worry!The top was a stylish striped shirt with a navy collar.You see, like this kind of pendant feeling and version of pants are excellent, wear the upper body is too thin legs, the key is very good in the vision of the elongated leg line, thin effect is not too good.Pair it with a sleeveless shirt, which is cool and refreshing in summer, and the right amount of skin exposure is a great way to distract people from your short faults.2: will rise proportion of waist line is short of woman, in addition to choose excellent drape bottoms, waist line to improve also can yet be regarded as a good way, among them, the most simple way is to coat plug directly into the bottoms, the aim is to be able to raise up the waist line on the vision, to extend the leg ministry line of down.Just look at this Japanese housewife, this chiffon top and denim blue straight pants, the front hem of the top casually tucked into the pants, easy to raise the waist line.Don’t look at such a pair of long pants, it feels like a short woman can’t handle, in fact, as long as you try to increase the waist line ratio, there will be no such situation.Like this Japanese housewife is not like this, sleeveless striped shirt + cotton and linen material high waist wide leg pants, the top is all stuffed into the pants, very good to form a short on the bottom long both visual sense, the visual sense is very tall, right?Add a pair of chunky, high-heeled sandals to make your height look even better!Three: proper show leg is good to leg ministry line, leg model is quite straight little woman, dress in summer time, can show leg properly come, the purpose that does so also is to raise figure scale very well just!If you can’t pull off pants and skirts that are too short for you, try these five-cent shorts. They can hide the size of your thighs and you don’t have to worry about the length.Four: use on the short collocation way on the short collocation way, I believe that no one will be unfamiliar with it?This and improve the waist line is the same truth, are to elongate the lower body proportion of the way to wear, so, for the woman is not too tall, it is really very appropriate.Learn from this Japanese housewife to wear, in the spring is quite appropriate to wear, the inner choice is a shirt, outside a gray short cardigan, like this small short coat, is simply exclusive to a short woman, the lower body with a high waist skirt, both elegant but also feminine.While it’s not advisable for short women to wear too long bottoms, you can overcome this problem if you use a “short top and long bottom” style.Simple chiffon short top, in the hot summer, this kind of chiffon material clothing is really very comfortable and cool, will not let you feel the heat.The lower body is matched with a jeans blue pants, but the fabric is quite good, so it does not worry that it can not be controlled, let alone on the short way of long collocation, in the overall view of the vision is very high.Conclusion: How was it?Do you have anything you’d like to share with us?You can interact and leave comments in the comments section below. If you are a short woman, don’t worry too much about what to wear. Take a lesson from this Japanese housewife and dress elegantly to look taller!

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