Here’s how to save money while studying in Canada

1. You can save a lot of money by shopping around — from renting a house, to furniture, to books, to clothes.For books, furniture and so on, can consider second-hand, Internet technology and newspapers are advertising.Ask if there are student discounts for shopping, dining, watching TV shows, going to nightclubs.There are also many special offers on campus, some of which give ingredients.A $3 cup of freshly ground coffee may not seem cheap, but it still costs $1,000 a year.4. Get a clear understanding of the actual monthly transaction cost of buying a phone card, how much the phone costs per minute, how SMS traffic packets are calculated, and whether there are any additional costs, all of which should be clearly understood before purchasing a phone card.5. Long distance calls are expensive, use the Internet whenever possible. Long distance calls in Australia are actually quite expensive.You can also call home via voice chat or short video to feel better.6. Don’t prepare a shopping list before you go to the supermarket. Wandering around without purpose and purpose is likely to end up buying a lot of useless items at a discount!The smart thing to do is to list the details first, strictly implement the above rules to buy, do not need other superfluous things, even if they are cost-effective.7 carefully select financial institutions each financial institution is its own student discount service project, it is best not to use bank credit cards to carry out large amounts of purchase, loan interest is likely to be very high.Taking a bus, subway station, bicycle or walking can save you a lot of money than driving or taking a taxi.In general, the above is also about how to save money to study in Canada, looking forward to giving you students studying in Canada a few Pointers.To learn more

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