The five talents who defied the Lord and sought glory in The Three Kingdoms all had a bad end!

The three countries is a hero of the period, at this time the world chaos, and up.Such as Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan and others, all of whom were outstanding and respected by later generations.It was because of the efforts of various talents that wei, Shu and Wu were divided into three parts of the world.The Song Wu Temple also selected guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhou Yu, Lv Meng, Lu Xun, Lu Kang, Zhang Liao and Deng Ai into the list of ancient and modern generals.Zhuge Liang was also selected as one of the “ten sages in the Temple of Wu” because of his contributions to the world.Since there are heroes, there will be crooks and villains. Today, let’s take stock of the five sellers in The Three Kingdoms who seek glory. Although all of them are talents, they have no good end!First, Zhang Song Zhang Song can be said to be liu Bei’s great benefactor, because without this brother’s “vendor qiurong”, liu Bei’s career would not take off.Zhang Song is yizhou under liu Zhang, official residence Yizhou don’t drive.Although the official position is not high, but it was trusted by Liu Zhang.Liu Zhang learned that Hanzhong Zhang Lu to invade Yizhou, hurriedly and everyone to discuss.When the others were at a loss, Zhang Song proposed a mission to Xu Chang to defeat Cao Cao to deter Zhang Lu.Liu Zhang was overjoyed and quickly ordered Zhang Song to go on a mission.Zhang Song was liu Zhang, but the man wanted to start a new career.Because Liu Zhang was weak and unambitious, most officials in Yizhou did not believe in him.So Zhang Song wanted to take this opportunity to surrender Yizhou to Cao Cao.Unfortunately Cao Cao saw zhang Song “the pickaxe head, nose stiff teeth, body short less than five feet, speech if the bell”, plus zhang Song wild speech, so zhang Song a fat beating, out of Xu Chang.Zhang Song, seeing that Cao Cao was not a good emissary to Zhang Song, thought again that he had boasted of his promise in front of everyone. If he returned to Yizhou, he would not be laughed at by his colleagues.Left and right, or to Jingzhou Liu Bei walked.Zhang Song was greatly moved by Liu Bei’s premeditation and welcomed him along the way with Zhuge Liang pang Tong.However, during his stay in Jingzhou, Liu Bei did not mention yizhou.Before leaving, Zhang Song felt Liu Bei’s benevolence and persuaded him to plot yizhou.Liu Bei, however, refused to invade Liu Zhang because he was his brother.But actually drool over Yizhou.So they agreed to Zhang Song, Zhang Song back to Yizhou, and then their troops into Sichuan.Zhang Song went back to Yizhou and belittled Cao Cao in front of Liu Zhang. Then he bragged about Liu Bei.At this time, Liu Zhang also moved his mind, so he adopted Zhang Song’s suggestion and ordered Fazheng to jingzhou to welcome Liu Bei into Sichuan.When Liu Bei saw Fa Zheng, he gladly led his army to support Liu Zhang.We all know that Liu Bei’s trip was to plot against Yizhou, but because he could not find the right opportunity, he had to endure it.When Cao Cao was at war with Sun Quan, Liu Bei took leave of Liu Zhang because of the danger in Jingzhou, and took the opportunity to demand money, grain, and horses for advice.As soon as Zhang Song saw that Liu Bei had failed, he wanted to withdraw his troops. So he wrote to Liu Bei in a hurry and urged him to start the army as soon as possible.Unfortunately, the letter was seen by his brother Zhang Su, who was afraid that he would be involved, so he reported to Liu Zhang.Liu Zhang cursed Zhang Song and killed all his family.Poor Zhang Song is knowledgeable, has the ability of photographic memory, and deep military strategy, but unfortunately because of a careless, died in a violent death.Second, Yang Song Yang Song was a counsellor under Zhang Lu in Hanzhong. Although this person did nothing, he was the first person to be the pit master.When Ma Chao was ordered to march to Jiameng Pass and fought liu Bei’s army, he was loved by Liu Bei because he was tied with Zhang Fei.Zhuge Liang then arranged for Liu Bei to surrender Ma Chao.Zhuge Liang ordered Sun Gan to enter Hanzhong and bribed Yang Song to slander Zhang Lu and force Ma Chao to return to the army.Ma Chao did not want to withdraw, so Yang Song framed Ma Chao rebellion: Ma Chao intended to seize Xichuan, as the Lord of Shu, revenge with his father, refused to minister in Hanzhong.Ma Dai suggested that his brother return to the army, and Yang Song took a gossip, said ma Chao return to the army must have a different heart.Ma Chao was unable to retreat and retreat, and finally submitted to Liu Bei under the lobbying of Li Hui.Of course, Yang Song got gold and silver jewelry, but Zhang Lu lost a general.When Cao Cao attacked Hanzhong, all his generals were no match, so Yan Pu, cao Cao’s strategist, suggested pang De for the battle.Pound was so brave that he had no fear in fighting cao’s generals.Cao Cao then ordered Yang Song to be bribed by a conspiracy, and again slandered Zhang Lu to accuse Pang de of communicating with Cao Jun.Cao Cao tried to trap Pang again, and Pang surrendered to Cao Cao.This is the second time Yang Song ensnared Zhang Lu.Cao Cao’s advance was successful and he soon defeated Zhang Lu. However, Zhang Lu was again at a loss against cao’s army. When He wanted to return to the city for a while, Yang Song closed the gates of the city and refused to let him enter.Zhang Lu had no choice but to surrender to Cao Cao.Yang Song is at home!Of course this such villain, Cao Cao words do not say much, directly launched beheading.CAI MAO CAI MAO was a general under Liu Biao of Jingzhou, in charge of all the water troops. CAI MAO was also Liu Bei’s brother-in-law.And this brother – in – law, not only harm brother-in-law, but also nieces and sisters involved.After cao Cao had pacified the north, he began his southern expedition to Jingzhou.Although Liu Bei and his men were determined to resist Cao cao, CAI MAO had planned to surrender to Cao Cao for peace and prosperity.After Cao Cao killed Ben in Jingzhou, Liu Bei fled to Jiangxia, but CAI MAO and others convinced Liu Cong and surrendered to Cao Cao in Kaicheng.Cao Cao appeased CAI MAO and Zhang Yun and appointed them as commanders of the water army, while killing Liu Cong and her son.Speaking of cao Cao and CAI MAO already had a blood feud, but cao Cao’s brother-in-law put the hatred of killing his sister behind him and devoted himself to training water for Cao’s army.However, it did not last long because Zhou Yu’s counselor Jiang Gan was on a diplomatic mission to the east of the River.He presented to Cao Cao a letter of surrender prepared by Zhou Yu. It said that CAI MAO would unite with Jiang Dong to take Cao Cao’s head.Cao Cao was furious and beheaded CAI MAO, Zhang Yun and others.By the time Cao Cao took zhou Yu’s bait, CAI MAO, who was devoted to Cao cao, was already a headless ghost.If anyone is the first Wolf son ambition, ungrateful person, not Lv Bu.Lv Bu for the three countries of the first warrior, hand Chinese day painting halberd, sit down hiss wind red rabbit horse, really can be described as “red rabbit in horse, in Lv Bu”!But zhang Fei was angry spray of “three family name slave”, it is true.Lv Bu was ding Yuan’s general, and Ding Yuan had a father-son relationship.When Dong Zhuo entered the capital, Lu Bu also fought for Ding Yuan against xiliang army.When Dong Zhuo saw Lu Bu’s bravery, he fell in love with him.Think lu Bu can get the world.At this time counsellor Li Su thinks Lv Bu is foolhardy and neglects righteousness.With gold, silver and red horses, lu was persuaded in a few words.In order to show his loyalty, Lu bu took advantage of Ding Yuan’s surprise and killed his adopted father at night and went to Dong Zhuo.When Lu met Dong Zhuo, he immediately expressed his wish to be dong Zhuo’s adopted father, and Dong Zhuo readily agreed.With Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo can be described as a tiger with wings, arrogant.Dong Zhuo not only adopted Li Ru’s advice and successfully resolved the crisis of the 18th road princes, but also took the opportunity to intimidate the Emperor of Han and became a very powerful minister.There were even thoughts of usurping the throne.Wang Yun one heart for the country, after every kind of thinking absolutely use honey trap to disintegrate Lv Bu and dong Zhuo’s relationship.Beauty sable chan is more clever, dong Zhuo Lv Bu two people play around.Finally, the conflict between Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo escalated. Lu Bu coaxed Dong Zhuo into the palace with Wang Yun, Li Su and others, and was ordered to kill him.Just think, although Dong Zhuo did not match Diao Chan with Lu Bu, he did not treat Lu Bu lightly.Lv Bu killed Ding Yuan because of a horse, and dong Zhuo because of a woman, it can be described as Wolf ambition!After losing the help of the Xiliang army, Lu bu’s strength was greatly weakened. Finally, Liu Bei said, “The duke has not seen anything about Dingyuan Dong Zhuo!”And was killed by Cao Cao.Li Su if Lu Bu is a Wolf, fierce and incomparable, that Li Su is a fox, which side on the success of which side to take refuge.Li Su used to be under Dong Zhuo. After Dong Zhuo occupied the Capital, Li Su also defused Lv Bu for dong Zhuo and made great contributions to dong Zhuo.He seemed loyal, but when Lu Bu, Wang Yun and others plotted against Dong Zhuo, Li Su turned to Wang Yunfang.Perhaps he saw dong Zhuo as cruel and unkind, but more importantly because Dong Zhuo did not reward him.So he took the opportunity to join Wang Yun and Lu Bufang to design Dong Zhuo.In Lu Bu, Wang Yun and others arranged an ambush in the palace, they ordered Li Su to say Dong Zhuo attack, cheat it: the son of the new illness, wenwu to weiyang hall, will discuss zen in taishi.And said wang Situ has ordered people to build zen Taiwan, only such as the arrival of the Lord.Dong Zhuo was overjoyed and left without doubt.Dong Zhuo was so li Su sent into the lu Bu Wang Yun ready to trap, although Li Su meritorious in the Han room, it is inevitable to bear the sin of the vendor.Of course, Li Su did not come to a good end in the end. When Dong Zhuo’s son-in-law Niufu attacked Chang ‘an, Li Su was defeated by Niufu and killed by Lu Bu after returning to the army.The above information mainly refers to the Romance of The Three Kingdoms.

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