10 Must-see Hong Kong movies of a lifetime, and you can’t get enough of each one

1. When will the Bright Moon Be?When it was released, I was very concerned about it, but I didn’t expect to miss the cinema. I felt that the film lacked some publicity.Ann Hui’s films are as melodious and slow as ever.There was no disappointment and no surprise.Describe the facts in a down-to-earth tone, and the overall feeling is ok.Wallace huo does have a few weaknesses, Eddie Peng turns out to be really good, he’s really likeable.2. The Jungle Book;When down and out of the embrace is too warm, all the staff are so gentle, so true feelings, at a particular time is always in need of specific people, the best Maggie Cheung.I could see it was a love story about a small person in a big time, but I felt it was a little stiff.Two leading actors acting online, from the beginning of the green rash to later silence, countless moments to be drunk in the dawn of the gaze.3. Chungking Express;Expressive lighting teaching, wong Kar-wai’s magic of light and shadow.There seems to be no need to force anything into the struggle of young men and women for love, to talk about human choice, contrast and cycle of life.I can’t stop looking back, I don’t know why.Perhaps it is leung chiu-wai’s melancholy look in the eyes, or Faye Wong’s quirky naughtiness, which is just right to be installed in this film.4. Huangfeihong series;Chaotic times, chaotic port, although anxious, but let a person feel the appearance of that year.It was a time when heroes fell, but they were all heroes.Personally, I think it is very true to the environment of that era;There is also jet Li’s fighting scenes are wonderful;Pork rong and toothbrush Sue and others bring a lot of jokes;Guan Zhilin is very beautiful.5. A Better Tomorrow;Several lines are very classic, play to see really enjoyable, as well as the brotherly love between little Brother Ma and hao elder brother, particularly touching.Recently really fan John Woo, Fa Fa and Long Ge in the inside of the passion, Lao Zhang’s acting let me help the forehead, but against the wind to run into the picture let my mind like the wind of the youth this sentence.6. Rouge;Primary school time had seen, at that time vaguely understand, but now fine taste, this is the best home to return to after dream colliding reality undoubtedly.Spoony twelve little but face to cower, see of really stifle a bit.A spoony flower, let a person look at not from the heart of pity.Melancholy expression and delicate figure.Is too perfect.7. A City of Sadness;It’s a powerful movie with a great soundtrack.Is to find resources too paste, paste to the end of some people did not see clearly.The understatement of the tragedy of home and country, the infinite magnification of small things in life, is the most cruel.Every time I see Hou Hsiao-hsien, I feel a sense of emptiness.8. Hidden Dragon crouching Tiger;Hong Kong, S&P, S&P gathered together, began to feel a play, watching and feel quite interesting.Young Zhang Ziyi is really beautiful.It’s just that some of the moves look real, especially that last jump.I love Li Mubai’s deathbed confession.Play and score.The casting is excellent. I like Yu Jiaolong more than Zhang Ziyi.She is Yujiao Longben Long.9. Farewell My Concubine;It’s not meant to be depressing.Horror movie at the beginning, period movie in the middle.The result is the elegy of an era, belonging to the elegy of Yuji.Crazy people in crazy times, like sand, as long as the wind is blowing, no matter what you are, blowing disappeared.Gong Li’s chrysanthemum fairy is radiant, overshadowing cheng Dieyi in my place.10. In the Mood for Love;Although I did not understand the ending of the plot, the gentle and natural episode that sounded several times, funny and romantic and classical.An “illegitimate” love affair, a bygone era.Cheongsam is so beautiful, Maggie Cheung is so beautiful, wearing cheongsam maggie Cheung is like a piece of grilled meat sizzling oil.Love has no restraint.10 Must-see Hong Kong movies of a lifetime, and you can’t get enough of each one!

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