Life together and scattered impermanence, Thanksgiving heart, their well-being, there will be bright sunshine, stars all over the sky

Life gather and scatter immutable, ups and downs are uncertain to grasp, perhaps only phase forget in river’s lake, the heart can be indifferent and enron.How many people, sigh merciless buried innocent years;How many people, sigh only shadow tears language blame heaven;How many people sigh that the world is bitter heartache often weep alone, how many people sigh that the world is grateful to meet a world.People in this world, regardless of joys and sorrows, or bittersweet, after passing through, everything can be easy with the mood.Life is in a hurry, life comes and goes, there are always some people pass by, there are always some people can share life.There are always some people and things that people never forget, there are always people who think that will move heaven and earth, waiting and aftertaste all their life.There are always some people and things that we need to make up our minds to forget before we can truly let go and wake up.Time is in a hurry, read after, how can you start again?Love is gone, how can it be renewed?Once clinging to the people and things now may have long been unworthy of mention, once loved, now may have become a stranger.How simple these truths are, they must be experienced to be deeply understood.Life together scattered end, if with a grateful heart, no regrets to meet, no regrets in the past, no regrets in the heart, let each well, let each treasure, good themselves, happy to live, not sunny, there will be bright sunshine and stars!

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