Qingcheng County white horse pu town many measures to do a good job during the Qingming Festival forest fire prevention work

Qingming festival, the temperature rises, the masses with fire, grave burning paper burning incense and other outdoor activities gradually increased.In order to prevent fire, further strengthen the forest fire firewall, Qingcheng County Baima Pu town from the actual point of view, solid forest fire prevention work during tomb-sweeping Day, and strive to be well prepared, early preparation, early deployment, early implementation.Strengthen publicity to ensure that publicity prevention and control in place.In order to improve the consciousness of the masses, forest fire prevention, use “into” charming WeChat public platform, county-rural WeChat group, QQ group, such as media, forest fire prevention messages, laws and regulations and relevant knowledge, to ensure that the forest fire prevention and control work propaganda in place, at the same time distributing leaflets, hanging in the next village household county-rural cadres slogan forest fire prevention and control, forest fire prevention safety common sense,And in each village entrance, traffic arteries, prominent positions and places where people gather posted “Qingcheng County people’s Government forest grassland fire ban.”To create a strong atmosphere of “national mobilization, national fire prevention and control”.Strengthen organizational leadership, strictly implement responsibility in place.Facing the severe situation of forest fire prevention, white horse shop town forest fire prevention work on the current important agenda.First, work meetings were held for cadres of towns and villages, and special arrangements were made. A forest fire emergency leading group was set up to promote forest fire prevention work.Second, strictly implement the mechanism of town dry package village, village dry package group, forest guards package mountain.Strengthen the investigation and control of fire hazards in key areas and locations, and rectify the hidden dangers immediately if found.The forest fire prevention responsibility is truly implemented to the head of the mountain.Three is the group forest rangers to strengthen the management of their own area, at the same time do a good job of mountain inspection, increase the mountain inspection, timely discovery and disposal of fire hazards, do three inspections a day, remember the inspection records, early discovery, early disposal, to ensure that the forest fire prevention work solid and effective.We will strengthen the team building and improve the emergency response mechanism.To build a forest fire firewall further, the town established forest fire emergency plan in time, the main leadership and staff on duty is responsible for the village-by-village inspect the mountains, and as the main body, with the village from public welfare jobs and capable personnel, communal set up no less than 50 people team and PuHuoDui emergency team, complete and with full fire prevention materials, to ensure that the fire can quickly reach the designated position,Fight the fire with all your might.At the same time, the forest fire prevention duty and daily report system, the implementation of the 24-hour duty system, can timely and accurate control of fire prevention.(Source: Baimapu Town, Qingcheng County) | Editor: Liu Yani | Director: Liu Xingcun | Supervisor: Liu Yang | Chief Supervisor: Tu Wenkui

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