The US Navy has confirmed that it is investigating leaked video of an F-35C falling into the sea

The US Navy on Tuesday confirmed that a video of a US F-35 fighter jet crashing into the South China Sea while landing on the deck of the AIRCRAFT carrier USS Carl Vinson was authentic, adding that the video was released without authorization.According to media reports, the latest video, apparently a remake of a surveillance camera, was recorded at 16:31:20 on January 24.In the video, the fighter jet grows from small to large as it prepares to land on the carrier’s deck. “Abort landing and go around!” it shouts 27 seconds later.Just three seconds later, the rear part of the aircraft slammed into the deck, destroying the left landing gear, then skidded sideways and turned into a fireball before plunging off the runway into the sea.Navy officials say the video was released without authorization and the military is investigating.

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