The influence of the Internet era on the way lawyers handle cases

The way lawyers handle cases has changed a lot compared to the past.1. With the improvement of laws and regulations, the launch of national laws and regulations database and the development of numerous legal search websites, many complicated and frequently updated laws and regulations, judicial interpretations and local documents can be found quickly and accurately.2. With the increase in the number of cases, the extensive Internet access of cases, the proposal and continuous improvement of the “similar case retrieval” system, as well as the rapid development of China Judicial Documents website and other case retrieval websites, many complex, difficult, new, typical cases in professional fields, mainstream cases, regional cases, the latest cases…Wait, it can be found quickly and accurately.3. With the increasing popularity of the Internet, there are more opportunities and ways for lawyers to communicate with clients. Clients can contact and consult lawyers through the Internet.4. With the continuous development of the Internet and the emergence and standardization of large-scale comprehensive law firms and professional law firms, there are more opportunities for lawyers to communicate, learn, interact and cooperate with each other. More and more lawyers begin to take the professional route and carry out extensive case cooperation, thus improving the quality of case handling.5. With the popularization of judicial convenience measures such as Internet filing and online court hearing, the vast majority of cases can be filed online for 24 hours, and more and more cases can be held online. Lawyers can reduce the time to file cases on the spot, and reduce the transportation cost of holding court in different places.6. With the continuous development of high-speed railway and the improvement of transportation infrastructure, the travel time between different cities is constantly shortened. Lawyers can provide legal services for clients in different regions, and their business is no longer limited to local areas.Therefore, benefiting from the development of the rule of law in the country, the popularity of the Internet, convenient transportation, professional development of lawyers and so on, the lawyer industry is developing rapidly at present. Litigation specialization has become a trend, a trend, and also the universal choice of more and more practicing lawyers.About the author: Huang Weisheng, lawyer, shenzhen practicing lawyer, specializing in civil and commercial disputes (equity disputes, company law disputes, real estate disputes), labor and social security law, criminal defense, marriage and family disputes.If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a message directly in the comments section or private message, we will reply as soon as possible.Thank you for reading. Your favorites, attention and likes are the motivation for us to continue writing.Enterprise management involves a large number of legal relations, frequent legal risks in the operation process, easy to cause a variety of disputes, but many enterprises due to various reasons, do not systematically study the measures to solve the problem, even in the face of common problems, they just take measures, tired to deal with.In fact, some of the frequent legal risks and disputes have complete prevention schemes or solutions, which can be solved by establishing a professional legal team or consulting an external lawyer team with practical experience.Lawyer Huang team is a team of excellence, perennial study of enterprise management, personnel management related difficult legal issues, rich experience, professional and meticulous, can realize management standardization for your enterprise management, and in the dispute resolution, to prevent trouble, stop litigation.

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