The oil depot with a total storage capacity of more than 240,000 cubic meters of state-level oil depot came to the safety production inspection team

Yangtze Evening News network on March 14 (reporter Bo Yunfeng) into the middle of March, Nanjing is currently safe production situation?How about the safety production of mines and petrochemical enterprises?…Jiangsu Provincial Emergency Department, Jiangsu Bureau of State Administration of Mine Safety and other departments sent a working group to investigate and inspect Qixia District in Nanjing, further urging Nanjing to do a good job in preventing production safety.At Nanjing Yinmao Lead-zinc Mining Co., the company’s Qixiashan lead-zinc mine is the largest in east China, with an annual mining capacity of 350,000 tons and nearly 1,000 employees.At the scene, the working group comrade asked the enterprise manager carefully “how many people work in a single class?What is the deepest depth?”In the lead-zinc mining production area, the working group had a detailed understanding of the mine production and operation, the use of non-coal mine monitoring and early warning system and the spatial distribution of underground safety risks, and went deep into the underground site to check the implementation of key parts of the safety measures.The working group requires that mine safety production can not be ignored, enterprises should adhere to the thought of not paralyzed, prevention is not lax, continue to strengthen safety management, in view of the inspection found problems hidden trouble, within a certain period of time rectification.The new Work Safety Law should be strictly implemented, and the first person responsible should earnestly assume responsibility, strengthen safety education for employees, highlight the safety of outsourced work, pay attention to the management of workers in Wells, and strive to improve safety skills and safety awareness.We should increase investment in safety, speed up the pace of intellectualization and automation in mines, strictly limit the number of workers in dangerous areas, and constantly improve the essential safety level.The oil depot of Jiangsu Jinxiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has a total storage capacity of more than 240,000 cubic meters and an annual throughput of 5 million tons. It is a national first-class oil depot and involves 6 major hazardous sources.The working group came to the oil depot, carefully inspected the oil storage and loading and unloading areas, and learned about the safety prevention and control measures as well as the construction and operation of the enterprise’s full-time fire fighting team.In the subsequent symposium, the working group listened to the nanjing city, Qixia district, Nanjing Economic and technological development zone safety production situation.The working group pointed out that Nanjing should keep a close watch on dangerous chemicals, metallurgical industry and trade, mining, transportation and other key high-risk industries, be very cautious, carefully implement safety responsibility and measures, the current focus on building construction and fire protection field safety risks investigation and rectification.Proofreading by Li Haihui source: Purple Cow News

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