Taiwan’s latest poll: Lu Xiuyan leads three green camp rivals, epidemic prevention satisfaction nearly 90%

Taiwan’s “nine-in-one” elections will be held at the end of the year, and the results of the “six cities” have become one of the focus of attention.According to a poll, more than 60% of Taichung residents trust and are satisfied with the performance of Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan.At the same time, Lu xiuyan ruo is far ahead of the possible green camp candidates, including Tsai Qichang, deputy head of the DPP administration, Lin Jialong, former head of the transport department, and He Xinchun, the “green Committee”.According to a poll released today by Taiwan Index Poll, 61.7 percent of Taichung residents trust Lu xiuyan, 23.9 percent distrust her, and 14.4 percent do not clearly answer the question.Among taichung residents, 64.2 percent said they were satisfied with Lu’s performance, 25.2 percent said they were dissatisfied, and 10.5 percent did not clearly answer.61.8% were satisfied with lu Xiuyan’s economic achievements in holding “Taichung Shopping Festival”, 15.1% were dissatisfied, and 23.1% did not give a clear answer.On quarantine performance, 87.9 percent said they were satisfied, 6.9 percent said they were not satisfied, and 5.2 percent did not give a clear answer.”Taiwan Index Poll” also conducted a poll for the 2022 mayoral election. If Lu Xiuyan and Lin Jialong run, the current poll support rate is: Lu Xiuyan 52.0%, Lin Jialong 22.1%, 5.7% do not vote/vote invalid, 20.2% undecided.If Lu Xiuyan and CAI Qichang run for election, the current poll support rate is: 52.6% For Lu Xiuyan, 16.8% for CAI Qichang, 5.7% for not voting/voting invalid, and 24.9% for unanswered;If Lu Xiuyan and He Xinchun run for the election, the current poll support rate is: Lu Xiuyan 53.2%, CAI Qichang 15.6%, 5.3% do not vote/vote invalid, 25.9% are undecided.The poll covered 29 districts in Taichung.The subjects of the survey are people aged 20 or older within the survey scope.The maximum sampling error is ±3.0 percent when the confidence level is 95 percent.(Lin Jingxian/Editor) # Taiwan # If you want to know more about Taiwan, follow the Strait Herald

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