This is the “Spring Festival” of PKU Medical Offshore Oil Hospital.

Spring Festival is a time for families to get together and have fun with their extended family, but this year is different.Recently, It is a critical moment for Tianjin to fight against Omicron. In order to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control and to protect the lives and health of millions of families, cnooc hospital staff are still busy with the “Spring Festival” in an orderly way.On New Year’s Eve, the temperature dropped sharply, but the medical team of Peking University Medical Offshore Oil Hospital worked enthusiastically.A group of Baymax, unable to reunite with their families and unable to enjoy the rare snow scenery, are rushing to the nucleic acid test sampling site in Anyang Li community.On the first and second days of the Chinese New Year, medical teams continued to go to Anyang Li, Xincheng Town, Bafang Guanyuan, Hemeiyuan and Donggu Lanyuan communities.The clinical laboratory team of our Hospital has also been assigned to the Novel Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Testing Base of Dagang Hospital to support the test of samples.

Numerous star-night gatherings have already produced a well-trained medical team.In this reunion day, they order as the number, quickly assembled, rushed to each community point, nucleic acid test sampling for residents.

Li tianlong and Zhou Yueying were husband and wife in the medical team. When Li Tianlong received the order to assemble in the hospital, Zhou Yueying volunteered to fight alongside her husband.The couple entrusted their three-year-old child to their family, “giving up the small family, for everyone” is their true portrayal.
The blue warning of low temperature and snow could not stop their footsteps, and the patches of fog on the protective masks could not cover their resolute faces.Every sampling is a race against the virus and time. They know that early community sampling is crucial to the fight against the epidemic.

Medical staff are not allowed to use mobile phones at the sampling site.Because of the distance between the points, the medical team borrowed an electric scooter from the community and shuttled between the points, passing on information.His cotton shoes were soaked with sweat in the cold weather.
Thanks to all the angels in white who support the medical team. For the sake of the safety and health of the masses, they stick to their posts without complaining. They silently give up family reunion for the sake of the lights of thousands of homes
The cold winter snow will soon be gone and the warm spring days will arrive on schedule

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