Wu Dajing lock ice pier pier afraid teammates steal!Hanyu knot is too warm, wear dun Dun hat to help the Chinese make up the ice

In reluctantly, the Beijing Winter Olympics or to say goodbye to everyone.However, even though the Winter Olympics are coming to an end, the situation of “one trick is hard to get” has not changed, and athletes in the Olympic village are also hard to buy ice.Recently, China short track speed skating team Olympic champion Wu Dajing, in an interview was asked a question we are concerned about, that is, he will put gold dun dun where!Wu Dajing listened to this very nervous: “put the safe, afraid of Han Tianyu they steal.They said good to rob, Han Tianyu, Xu Hongzhi they said good to get me.”Yuzuru Hanyu failed to challenge 4A in the Current Winter Olympics, in order to pursue the limit of human art he paid a serious price, and finally failed to stand on the podium also lost the chance to win gold dun Dun.Liu Xinyu/Wang Shiyue is very intentional, after the race they sent yusheng the Spring Festival limited edition of Ice Dun dun, yusheng knot string is broken, always elegant temperament he even in Liu Xinyu’s arms holding ice Dun dun grin, the beauty volunteers are also look meng.But there’s one more thing we like about Hanyu.At the end of the performance skating rehearsal, wearing Gu Ailing with ice pier pier hat Yuanyu yuxian took the initiative to help ice boy ice, he has always been very good care of the ice, both for their own play, but also to protect others from injury, his move has been praised by everyone, no wonder deeply respected.Oda Nobushunari, the former Japanese figure skating star, participated in the coverage of the Beijing Winter Olympics as a media person.He decided to wait in line to buy Ice Dwen dwen before returning to Japan. “If I didn’t, I would cry loudly in the media center.”He waited in line for an hour before walking 10 meters, and then refused to be interviewed in order to insist on standing in line for 2 hours. After standing in line for 3 hours, he ran out of coffee and his earphones ran out of power. Finally, he waited 4.5 hours to enter the store, and not only bought Bing Dwen Dwen, but also bought a limited edition of The Spring Festival.

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