British style, style

The epitome of British luxury, the choice of style and taste, jaguar has been working since 1935 to create a British style car that combines performance with aesthetics.Jaguar XFL will be dynamic and elegant perfect balance, more integration of modern British front fashion, dynamic driving and cutting-edge technology in one, with British charm to write jaguar’s elegant aesthetic legend, the achievement of luxury driving experience.Elegant movement, British glamour jaguar XFL voluptuous cardiac slender body lines, the movement of the fluid dynamic model and design face before very British temperament explain elegant and clever is proper, fully expressed the jaguar’s British style, new landmark double “J” LED headlamps with flowing water type LED turn signal, and at the back of the car body LED taillights blackened hands in photograph reflect,Give the JAGUAR XFL a touch of athleticism and power.Every detail of the interior reveals the unique design aesthetic of the JAGUAR XFL, and the combination of selected materials and craftsmanship makes the luxury cabin stand out.Solid wood veneer and custom crystal shift lever add a touch of unique luxury glamour to the cabin, ready to start a glorious ride.Technology fun, intelligent driving Jaguar XFL luxury experience is far more than that, in the in-car technology intelligent, also outstanding.The new 11.4-inch floating curved screen integrates with the 12.3-inch interactive full LCD dashboard. Equipped with the new InControl OS 2.0 system, the mobile phone-like sensitive operation and high-definition and exquisite screen display bring users a futuristic luxury technology experience.Powerful track genes give Jaguar XFL powerful sports performance, equipped with the brand’s own research and development of Aviva 2.0 liter turbocharged gasoline engine, a total of P200, P250 and P300 three power options, retractable power performance, so that you can start a fast and furious journey anytime, anywhere.In addition, the jaguar XFL is fully equipped with a high-strength aluminum body structure, sport-class aluminum double arm front suspension and aluminum multi-link rear suspension, 50:50 body weight ratio, so that owners can confidently drive.In addition, Jaguar XFL fully adjustable dynamic mode, ASPC fully adaptive Control system, Jaguar Drive Control torque vector distribution system, no matter the road conditions can be easily driven.When you want to conquer corners, the Jaguar XFL’s torque-vector-distributed braking system uses the braking system to adjust the power transmitted to each rear wheel and, together with dynamic stability control, correct understeer during corners, improving the vehicle’s handling and keeping it precisely on the path you have chosen.At the same time, the XFL’s all-wheel-drive system anticipates and transfers torque to wheels with better traction to maintain control and stability, allowing you to enjoy the ride all the time.With elegant dynamic design, excellent handling performance and British luxury experience, jaguar XFL invites you to experience, with the roar of the engine, an extraordinary driving journey officially begins.

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